Congratulations to Scott Flory

Johnny would like to congratulate Scott Flory for his induction into The Canadian Football Hall of fame!

Flory had a long and great career as an Alouette. Every season he played, we knew we were set at right guard. Flory was a fantastic offensive lineman. He deserves to be in the hall with the best.

Thanks for being a warrior in the trenches for all those years Scott!

One of the greatest Alouettes of all time! Always took time to reply to my correspondences. But as a Union leader was cast out of the organization despite his loyalty. Another reason why I gave up supporting this ownership. The Bear Wood situation last year confirmed this.

Congratulations to Scott Flory and also Barron Miles for their Hall of Fame nominations.

Both were great players and class individuals.

Anything but DITTO would be repetitious.
Well deserved


Ceci dit, et je n'enlève surtout rien à Flory, il me semble que Bryan Chiu a déjà plus que mérité de recevoir pareil honneur. Je commence à me demander si ce n'est pas à cause de la couleur de sa peau s'il n'y a pas encore été intronisé.