Congratulations to Ottawa!

Congratulations to Ottawa RedBlacks on winning the East Division this year!

A tough pill to swallow as a Tiger-Cat fan and to watch but they had more of a sense of urgency than we did to win today.

I won't make excuses for our team as coach Austin would say and I agree, but hats off to the Tiger-Cat players for giving it a good shot considering all that has gone on this year with adversity and overcoming health issues on this team.

We gave it a good effort today but all is not lost as we have another opportunity with Toronto next weekend at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton and the opportunity to overcome our loss from today with a victory next week!!

Like the old saying of fighters go's, "We live to fight another day" and we do and the Tiger-Cats will overcome.


Bigcat: Your post is a beautiful gesture of good sportsmanship. I join you in congratulating the Ottawa Redblacks and in
looking ahead to the future of our Ticats this year and in years to come. :thup:

Glad Ottawa is back in the CFL!
Enjoy it for a few weeks,then…

For a franchise and fan base that has been repeatedly screwed over by terrible ownership (and the CFL brain-trust for letting that happen) it is pretty nice to see how things have turned around in a formerly desperate CFL market.
Cudos to the Hunt ownership team! You had a terrible legacy to overcome.

It was really satisfying to see such a large and engaged crowd in the nation's capital for the first time in decades. It bodes well for the Redblacks and the CFL. Nice to see all the Cats fans there too.

Congratulations Ottawa for a first place finish. Enjoy the feeling for now... we're comin' to getcha in two weeks!


Hey, I don't post in other team folders very often, but I want to give a quick thanks for the good wishes and congratulations and let you guys know you were well represented out here tonight.

All the best. :thup:

Big Cat, class post.

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Good for Ottawa but them winning the East would not have happened if Collaros and Ray were playing for their respective teams. Deep down does the win feel as satisfying for the Ottawa fans knowing that you beat a severely wounded and crippled team?

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not the typical Ticat Post but thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the CFL!!


Ottawa had a great season but if Collaros had not gotten injured ( the team was 8-3 at the time) .I'm almost sure this thread would not exist. We are not the same team without a suitable QB unfortunately.

YES x 24,523 :lol:

I think Ottawa has only have, in any real sense, beaten a team with a winning record just once this year. They didn't beat a 10-8 team the past two games, they beat a 2-5 team, no better than the Saskatchewan Roughriders in any real sense. Even then they still needed bad reffing and dirty play to do it...

If you're going play the Ottawa isn't a good team card, what does that say about them beating Hamilton twice and taking 1st place. Maybe just go with a class post like BigCat and stop making excuses and blaming the officials and a hit from two games ago. At the end of the day, Ottawa won the series based on being better during the two games.

All the what if's, Collaros is one guy, Ray is one guy, it's a team sport, Ottawa played as a team, they stayed healthy all season. Who knows what happens in the final, Hamilton still has to go through Toronto. I'd be more concerned about that game now, Ray is healthy.

Oh and Ottawa fans don't really care if the RedBlacks beat a crippled and wounded team, so every team that beats Hamilton should feel it's really not a win because Hamilton is broken? excuses are for losers. We're happy to have a team back in Ottawa, worst to first in two seasons.

One guy, lol, QB is the important position in football, without a half decent QB in the CFL, your team is finished. Yeah Collaros, is one guy, at one point a strong candidate for 2015 MOP. Take your tainted first place... Lol.

Lighten up a bit loyalcatfan. This post is here to congratulate the winners, so kindly stop whining. :thdn:

Case in point.

I don't agree. They would all contend, for sure.

The injuries to Collaros and Ray don't factor much into Burris having another record breaking season and having 4 receivers over 1,000 yards. He has an excellent chance of winning league MOP.

QB Injuries are nothing new and have always been part of any football season's outcome.

Ottawa's offence is really good.

No I won't lighten up, this is a ticat forum. If they would have beaten our best team I would have congratulated them. :thup: