Congratulations To Mr. Wetenhall For Hall Of Fame Nomination

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I for one will offer congratulations for his keeping the team alive since 1997 when no one else stepped up to the plate, and his maintaining high standards over the years despite bleeding financially.

Thank you and Congratulations Mr. Wetenhall.

Je tiens à féliciter M. Wetenhall pour cette distinction, et par la même occasion le remercier de tout ce qu'il a fait pour conserver à Montréal une équipe de football de premier plan.

S'il demeure toujours du travail à faire pour améliorer son entreprise, la première chose qui compte est la qualité du jeu de l'équipe sur le terrain. M. Wetenhall et sa famille ont toujours fait preuve de sincérité dans leur engagement en ce sens et leurs efforts sont grandement appréciés.

Les Alouettes sont dans une période de turbulence pour trouver en priorité un quart-arrière partant digne de ce nom, mais le éléments présentement en place permettent mieux d'espérer que l'équipe sera en mesure de progresser dans cette quête qu'à pareille date l'année dernière.

Well said LeStaff. I thought Herb's letter was very appropriate in recognizing Mr Wetenhall's contributions to the team, the City of Montreal and the fans. I have now the perception that Jim Popp is in charge of team operations and, his influence beginning at mid season, was/will mark a positive turn- around to this franchise.

He was a good owner until about three or four years ago. Then it went south in a hurry.

Maybe his wife Lisa was the brains of the operation :wink:

Interesting interview with MR. Wetenhall on with Mitch Melnick this afternoon:

From Mr Wetenhall did not say, the team is up for sale. What the owner did say, that likely Als subscribers will be paying for all post season tickets.
It was interesting to note from CFL, Edmonton also did not draw expected crowds in the playoffs.

I have no evidence of this, just a hunch, but with Mr. Wetenhall entering the Hall of Fame, will this be the off-season he turns the team over to his son(s)?

It could lead to a loss of stature / budget to Jim Popp and his staff as well as other changes. I always felt this was the reason Popp signed so many vets in the off-season, wanting Mr. Wetenhall to ride off into the sunset with a Grey Cup.

And if the Wetenhall heirs treat the team like a business rather than having the passion of their dad, it will not be a transition for the better.

If Mr. Wetenhall does leave, we will miss him, along with Jim Popp. He may have to reduce his spending. Mr. Wetenhall is an exceptional owner, despite what some may say/think.


Congratulations, Mr. Wetenhall. Thank you for keeping the Alouettes alive and thriving all these years.

My hunches keep me buying lottery tickets; still no closer to being able to buy a Quarter Pounder with net winnings.

Sheldon: Your notion that perhaps Jim Popp signed so many vets this season " wanting Mr Wetenhall to ride into the sunset with a Grey Cup" was such a very good, human and wonderful way of noting the good works of Mr Wetenhall's ownership of our football team. Like you and Richard have noted, I too favored his actions in bringing a failed franchise to life and positive renewal back to all of us who love the Alouettes.

Despite what some may think, some of us can recognize Wetenhall's contributions as an owner in the past while also being aware of his limitations as an owner today. He was a great owner, but he hasn't been for a few years now.

DP: Its unfortunate that you bring such hostility to these pages. Inside myself I was thinking how good Mr Wetenhall might feel if, by some chance, he were to read these thoughts by the persons involved. Why must you thrust your anger into the good intentions of others?

Show me the anger here. All I said was that Wetenhall WAS a great owner but isn’t today, and hasn’t been for a few years. We make those judgments about players all the time – why are you so ruffled when it’s applied to an owner?

I hold a different opinion of Wetenhall but I’m entitled to it without being harassed by you. And that’s the last time I’ll address you directly on this issue.

DP, Why do you always have to rain on someones parade?

Pierre Durocher`s tribute to Mr. Wetenhall:

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Thank you and congratulations. The Als are in montreal and I love the Als even when the sky is not sunny. There is hope fan keep faith...