Congratulations to Marv Levy & Nik Lewis

Kudos to them for their Hall of Fame inductions.

Veterans like me will always be grateful to Levy for the great Als teams he coached in the mid 70s. Teams that attracted 65,000+ crowds to the Big O.

And while Lewis will always be considered a Stampeder, he was a fun guy to watch in his 4 years with the Als.


Très content de voir que la campagne médiatique des Alouettes a été fructueuse. Marv Levy le mérite. Quant à Nik Lewis, on peut dire que c'est chez les Alouettes qu'il a pu obtenir le record du nombre de passes captées.

Yes, congratulations to Both Marv Levy and Nik Lewis!

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The shame is that it took this long for Levy to be inducted

Congrats Marv and Nik