Congratulations to Marcel Desjardins to be Ottawa's first GM

Thank you, thank you for all your hard work ! Now go make Scott Mitchell look like the NumbN he is.

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Jim Popp held him in really high regard and said this week it will probably take 2 people to replace him.

But please Marcel don`t let them name the team RedBlacks!

I wonder if that's why he's inteviewing Mark Washington ?

A guy like Tom Higgins might be a good candidate too.

Yeah because you'd be insulting two visible minorities in one name.

Congrats Marcel, just do to in Ottawa what you did in Hamilton and we'll be fine.

While i don't like the name Red Black in no way is it racist.

As far as I can tell, they're borrowing the double color idea from the most successful CIS team ever, that won the VC this year. So it's trendy and bilingual: red and black in english, rouge et noir in french :thup:

I think you should consider intent here: Does the organization wish to insult part of its fan base?

If the name was something like 'Redskins' for the sake of argument, you might have a case. The McGill Redmen pulled their 'Chief' design and now just use the color, which is the school color. But is the color by itself insulting? Nope, don't see it.


If Skins was part of the name then it would be a issue but just Red would not be.

In truth he will probably help end their grey cup drought so good luck.

Arash Madani tweets that Marcel will be presented to the Ottawa press ....

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani

Expect Ottawa's #CFL group to unveil Marcel Desjardins as the expansion team's general manager at a press conference Wednesday at 1 pm. #Als

Too bad, I think Proulx would have made an excellent choice.

Now if Joey Abrams is not being considered, does that leave him open to move to Ottawa?

Another French Canadian that turns down the job. Eric Lapointe wasn't interested when asked last year.

I do hope that Joey Abrams will get a promotion. Patrick Dion-Assistant to football operations- is another employee that could be given additional responsibilities based on his background/education.


Pierre Vercheval ?

I think Joey is a shoe in. Proux said on RDS it was as an entry level position not to take Marcel's job.

As soon as you add the “s” it changes from a colour, “black”, to a race description, “blacks”.

I know the “All Blacks” has a long tradition but like Redskins and other names it was chosen long before anyone cared whether they insulted a minority. “All Blacks” is also not from North America, where “blacks” has developed a very specific meaning.

If the two words are joined to one, then there is an implied plural for “Reds”, which again in our societal context has a racial connotation.

Red&Black would not carry any racial connotation.

University of Ottawa GGs has used the colour scheme name far longer than Laval; it stands for Garnet and Grey.

I don't now about Higgins specifically. He turns 59 this summer, 10 years older than Popp.

Not an age-ist, but newer school ideas might fit the modern CFL better.

But I like the approach of not looking for a Proulx/Washington/Vercheval who have no administrative/scouting experience.

Uzooma Okeke is already in place (Football Operations Assistant / Scout) and seems to be on the right development path. And who would argue with him, in person at least. LOL

Joey Abrams seems the other likely in-house candidate.

Red Blacks, ça pourrait se traduire en français par Sombres Communistes. :twisted:

Très heureux que Marcel Desjardins ait eu le poste. Je commence à croire, compte tenu du temps qu'il a fallu pour l'annoncer, que si Popp s'était trouvé un boulot au sud de la frontière, Desjardins serait resté avec les Alouettes.