Congratulations to Jovon Johnson & Adarius Bowman

Jovon Johnson has been named Special Teams Player of the Week for the second week in a row and Adarius Bowman has been named Offensive Player of the Week for his great game against the Ticats. Congratulations to both. Here's a link to the video:

Well deserved by both!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

....i'm gonna through in a little congrats. to my many Heffney as well as Bowman and Jovon......the guy is a menace...all over the field wreaking havoc....heh heh...GoBigBlue :rockin: :thup:

…that should be ‘throw’ in a little congrats. back to school papa…gezz i better proof read some of my stuff… :oops: :lol:

Your lucky madjack didn't catch you on that spelling error papa, he would have you writing lines.

Nice to see those two get recognized, Johnson has been solid all year and had a couple big ones called back on iffy benalties. Bowman is only 23 years old, what the heck were the Riders thinking ???

You know when He first played I thought He was going to be a good receiver then all of a sudden he couldn’t catch a ball if his life depended on it. I’m glad to see him doing well in the Peg and enjoyed watching Him again having some success. Congrats on the weekly honor Adarius.

if you google bowman a lot of experts predicted he would go high in the 08 nfl draft, even first round some said, but then he was busted for drugs and some other issues i couldnt find more on and he slipped through. but i dont really see him ever jumping to the nfl like some mentioned on another thread because of his hands, he has great size and vertical ability, lots of speed and is hard to bring down in the open field, hes only 23 so i think his hands will improve as he gets more comfortable in the league, but overall i think he is too inconsistent to play the nfl game, up here he will have a little more leeway with the drops and if last week was a sign of his potential i think he could be a good reciever in the cfl for years to come!

we have a lot of young talent this year that you can really build a team around, i hope they can keep these guys in blue and gold... the toughest part will be findign a longterm starting qb, but if they can, or at least have someone decent.. or mb keep playing alright i think this team should be fairly successful the next few years.

Anybody know Bowman's status???

An article in Today's Sun has him in his option year, meaning he's a free agent next year.

I coulda swore he signed a new deal when he came here...

.....Can't remember the date ...but he was extended by Kelly at the beginning of the year....there was big talk from rideville that he was going to fly the coup next year...that's why they said at the time the Goodspeed trade was won by everyone else....heh heh....guess they got tricked.... :wink: :lol:At 23, Bowman has a great future.. :wink:

He sure does...stupid Sun can't get anything


....just looked it up.....Bowman and Shabazz were both extended on May 26/ move... :wink:

Now they just need to sign Bishop to a 3 year deal, before someone else snaps him up!!!