Congratulations to former Cat Ken Evraire

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8) Thanks for that article, Wallace.
   Only problem is that most of the people of here don't even know who Ken is !!

    At least we remember him well, Wallace !!   A great Canadian receiver, for sure.

I was really upset when he went to Ottawa. Can't remember if he was traded, let go, or went as a free agent. And then when he played well against us? I don't think my sister, a Rough Riders fan, understood why I was so upset about that.

He was the sports reporter on the A Channel here until the network was bought by CTV. Not sure if he's still in broadcasting or not. Very entertaining I totally enjoyed his speeches when he came to two of our kids' grade five graduation ceremony. So did the kids, although any speech that features snot bubbles is guaranteed to go over well with kids that age.

Congratulations to him and his team.

You either mis-typed your thought or you've got it backwards here. I'll explain and include, in the story, a few names of current significance to Ti-Cat followers.

In 1990 Ken was playing for Ottawa under Offensive Coordinator Doug Sams. Evraire was quite a fun-loving character who was not popular, despite his good play, with the HC & Dir. FO, Steve Goldman, who made the mistake of putting Evraire on the waiver wire, to see what he might get for him, not once but twice that season. He used the recall provision the first time, but didn't realize that wasn't an option on a second waiving. Hamilton recognized Goldman's error and grabbed the player for nothing in return. Two seasons later, Evraire was the Eastern Conference Canadian Player of the Year. Steve Goldman later was an assistant coach at Temple University, where he was Henry Burris' position coach and continued to mentor the young QB well into his CFL career. Two other names to mention in this story -- when Evraire under Sams and Goldman in Ottawa, the ST Coach there, in his first CFL job was Jim Daley ..... and, the DL Coach was George Cortez.

Yes, and Ken Evraire was a 1,000 yard receiver pretty good for a Canadian. He never recovered from a broken leg in the 93 season. And he did the sports on the New RO then A channel. Since the new RO lost their newscast when CTV took over, he does the weekend sports on CTV Ottawa.

I had forgotten that we originally picked him up from Ottawa. But it was the 1995 season I meant, when he came back to Ottawa. I was living in Calgary at the time, but happened to be back for a visit and attended a Hamilton-Ottawa game with my sister. We lost, and my memory has it that Evraire had a good game that day. Maybe the fact that we had "stolen" him from Ottawa in the first place explains my sister's reaction to my comments about "our player" coming back to haunt us. :slight_smile:

That shows me as forgetful too -- not remembering that Ken returned to play in Ottawa in '95. I don't recall how that occurred. But, while searching for that unsuccessfully, I did find this brief summary of a game on Oct. 22/95, which may be the one you attended:

Ken Evraire blocked a punt and recovered the ball for a 27-yard touchdown as the Ottawa Rough Riders ended a nine-game CFL losing streak with a 30-9 victory over the visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Evraire's play with 4:33 to play in the third quarter gave Ottawa (3-14) a 17-8 lead. The Rough Riders sealed the win by scoring 13 points in the final 3:18 of the game, the last of the points a 13-yard touchdown pass from Sammy Garza to Ray Alexander with 54 seconds to play.

Congratulations to Ken Evraire for winning the Sid Forster Memorial Award!
I knew Sid Forster very well when he worked at Inco and was coach of the Sudbury Spartans.
Sid was an incredible mentor for every guy who ever played for him…one of the greatest guys I have ever known.
I’m sure Ken is very proud to have been given an Award named after Sid. :thup:
And yes…I do remember Ken when he was a Tiger-Cat!

Good for Ken, I really liked him he was a great receiver.

I remember a game that he played for the Cats, he got a long touchdown about 75 yards. He was wide open , really wide open. A reporter asked him the last time that he was that open and he said, the last time he was that open his sister was covering him. Thats a bit of a look into his sense of humour.

At the time I was living on the base at Rockcliffe, I was out for a jog one day and there was Ken Evraire limping towards me with a huge cast on his leg. I jogged past him and said "oskee we we" he just laughed. He was living in Manor Park just outside of the base. The Ticats cut him after that and he was picked up by Ottawa but he was never the same after that.
I used to see him all the time at the "Good Life" in the Rideau Centre when he was at the New RO.