Congratulations to Edmonton and Hamilton

Just wanted to say congrats to Edmonton and Hamilton on their respective wins tonight. I didn't catch the Hamilton/Toronto game, but the Edmonton game was great and very entertaining!!!!!!

It felt great to see the first way to win drive since the '06 season for Edmonton… Geroy’s had the monopoly of hero catches lately in the west, its great to see Tucker back to form in that department.

That said, we shouldn’t have squandered the two score lead we had going into the second half… we still haven’t learned how to make adjustments, I guess Hamilton did figure out how to outmatch the Argos (I missed the 4th Quarter due to having to get to Commonwealth).

Congrats to both teams indeed though!!! Lets hope for some exciting matchups tomorrow as well!

it felt great to finally see the cats win in toronto for the first time since 01' :slight_smile:

Great game for the Eskimos and if you want to find a positive out of it. The positive would be it gave Dancing Danny a reprieve from losing his job. Now they will wait until seasons end. Good game by the Tiger cats.

As much as I don't like Edmonton (no offence my Edmonchuck friends, but you have won enough!), what I also see as a positive is that their and the Ticat's win might foreshadow parity in the league like we have not seen for a long time. And parity is good for the league in the long run.

I'm fine with Parity for all, as long as Saskatchewan is better than the rest

Gotta agree there :lol:

...even though., i had the Hammer to lose in my VGCC this week...i'm happy with the result....finally those guys can see a 'little' light at the end of the tunnel...congrats to them...and the esks. as well... :thup:

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Wow- great games last night. CFL rules!!!

Good for the Ti-cats and Esks. What a catch by Tucker. Ray is always dangerous as I have said often.
The Stamps-Esks game was CFL at its best.
So much for my week one Turkeyrankings but I welcome parity anytime. Makes for an exciting league week to week cuz you never know who might win even on the road. Great road win for the Ti-Cats Big Dave!!! :thup:

Both games were great to watch. What an exciting start. Hope tonights games yield the same!

Sporty- How about a friendly wager!
Should your Pussycats beat my Riders I will dress up as a BC Lions felion and run the streets of 100 mile house singing C'mon and Roar you Lions Roar at 2 a.m.
Should my Riders prevail, however, Mr. Sportsman, you must dress up as Gainer the Gopher and run the Green Mile between Moose Jaw and Regina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey, I don't bet. My pacemaker couldn't handle the stress of the run.

I just hope we get entertained tonight like the Edmonton and Calgary fans did last night.

Besides Turkey, with the warm winter, we have a lot of Mountain Lions (Cougars)in the bush, and well, its mating season, and well, I don't want to see any harm, um, or any other problems befall a fellow poster....... I mean, dressed us as a Felion and all, um no, thats okay......

Whew, my prediction of a Hamilton vs Edmonton Grey Cup just gained a slight ammount of credibility.