Congratulations to Chris Williams

In the least surprising news of the year, Chris Williams has been named the Special Teams Player of the Year.

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Congrats Chris!

Well done, Chris. Congratulations. (Would have had my vote for MOP as well.)

Looking forward to even more next year.

Congrats Chris, Chad can have the yardage mark, iasurement. Any Coach, player or intellegent fan would take the touchdowns anytime. You should have been the league MOP without question.

Congrats Chris, Chad can have the yardage mark, it has zero value without touchdowns. Any Coach, player or intelligent fan would take the touchdowns anytime. You should have been the league MOP without question.

:thup: Williams was better than Owens (and Cornish) in pretty much every possible way. You can make a case for Cornish, but I am at a loss to figure out how a case could be made for Owens. Just another example of how mediocrity or average results in Toronto will be overrated and greatness elsewhere will be overlooked.

Congratulations Chris! Agree with the others on MOP!
Lets hope for even a better year next year (team wise)

Just imagine his numbers if he returned kickoffs as well ?

Congrats. Well deserved. I wonder who the 1 idiot was who didn't vote for him lol.

Some clown on the TSN comments actually said Brown should have won it. I hope that was sarcasm.

Yup although as has been mentioned, that could take a fair bit out of someone. Congrats to Chris though, super player. :thup:

Number 80 your number 1 as far as I'm concerned. :thup:

Still can't force yourself to accept the obvious eh? I'll spell it out for you again - maybe you'll understand it this time:
Owens set a PRO FOOTBALL RECORD of 3,863 all-purpose yards this season. He LED THE CFL IN RECEIVING with 94 catches and 1,328 yards. HE LED THE CFL in kickoff returns with 71 returns for 1,588 yards. Owens is the FIRST PLAYER IN CFL HISTORY TO LEAD BOTH CATEGORIES IN A SINGLE SEASON.
In the Labour Day Classic this year, Owens had the MOST PRODUCTIVE YEAR IN ARGONAUT HISTORY with 402 combined yards: 136 kickoff return yards, 90 punt return yards and 176 receiving yards and a touchdown. These numbers do not include Owens' significant contributions in the Argos' EDSF and EDF wins.
Those multiple record-setting accomplishments were rightfully recognized and honoured by the MOP award voters in a blow-out - Owens received 41 of the 57 possible votes. Only one thing left for you now wee wee - deal with it!

Come on now, I can understand making the case for Williams to be the MOP over Owens, but calling the league's top receiver and pro football's all-purpose yardage record holder "mediocre or average" is going a bit too far.

The all-purpose yard record is maybe the most meaningless record one can come up with. He had over 3,800 yards and nearly 1,600 of them came on kickoff returns. Kickoff return yards (as I have stated many times in the past) is not something that should be cause for celebration. All having a bunch of kickoff return yards means is that your team gave up a lot of kickoffs (Owens had more returns than any other player) which means your team gave up a lot a points. People are deifying Owens for his accomplishment that only came to be because his defense was bad. And Owens wasn't even that great a kick or punt returner. He had zero touchdowns. ZERO.

Leading receiver, that's cool, but his 1,328 receiving yards were over 449 fewer yards than Jamel Richardson last year and Richardson didn't even get his team's nomination. Owens wasn't given the award because he led the league in receiving. He also had just six touchdowns, which was fewer than seven other players.

And let's not discount the turnovers. I believe the number is 10 fumbles on kickoffs alone. High turnover numbers were used as the reason Henry Burris wasn't the team's MOP nominee, but yet the voters ignore Owens' high number of turnovers and not only give him the team and division nomination, but the league award! Ridiculous.

So he was good at receiving, good at returning, but exceptional at none, and he was turnover prone more than any other non-QB. Add all those together and that to me doesn't make a player the most outstanding. So yes, his accomplishments (in my mind) were not much better than average.


Congrats Chris! As someone who went to the same high school as my son you made Rio Rancho NM proud. I will be sending a PM to his mother also. Some of you may not know that Chris was a great basketball player in high school and a 2 time high jump state champ, receiving D1 offers for those sports also.