Congratulations to Chip Cox!

One of my favorite all time Alouette players is now a first ballot Hall of famer!

Congratulations Chip and thanks for a great career!


Really nice to hear, he was a favorite of mine also.

And kind of amazing when you see 13 seasons with the same team - how often do you see that.

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Kudos Chip

One of my all-time favorites. Congrats, Chip!

Pure talent and drive, synonymous with the elite Als teams of the aughts. In his prime, there was nobody to touch him at SAM linebacker. No one. Crazy fast, high football IQ, elite tackler. He could blitz like a shark hitting the chum, stop the run sideline to sideline, and had the wheels to stay in coverage. He could do it all.

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"Cox was a stalwart member of Montreal’s defence corps throughout his 13-year career. In 228 games, he finished with 979 tackles (fourth all-time), 23 interceptions and eight defensive touchdowns. He holds the CFL record for fumble return yards with 392.

In 2013, Cox was named the Most Outstanding Defensive player after establishing a then-team record of 115 tackles in a single season, while adding 12 sacks and four interceptions. Cox played in four Grey Cup championship games, winning in 2009 and 2010. He was named a Division All-Star six times and a CFL All-Star on four occasions."

Had no idea he held the league record for fumble return yards.

On a sidenote, I really wish the league tracked forced fumbles as a stat.

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We've often said we would like to have Chip as a coach with the Als. Here he states the reason why he hasn't been interested - he would be too frustrated with players who wouldn't give 100%.

Also some other interesting revelations from a guy who was pretty quiet off the field during his time with the Als. He has high regard for Chris Jones, Trestman, Popp, but surprisingly no mention of the Don.

I suspect that by the time Cox came in 2006, the Don's health issues were probably keeping him distanced from players.

All credit to Popp, who not only recruited Cox but suggested he play SAM linebacker. I remember Cox playing DHB his first couple of years in the league and not having a lot of success. He had speed, but he didn't have the coverage skills of a true defensive back. Lots of penalties. When he moved to SAM linebacker in 2009, it was night and day.

I remember him saying toward the end of his playing days that he wasn't even a film guy. He just went on instinct and what he saw on the field. You can't teach that. I don't blame him for not wanting to be a coach!

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Très heureux pour Cox (incidemment, le dernier chandail des Alouettes que j'ai acheté)!

Ce gars a jour à un très haut niveau jusqu'à la fin. Je me souviens d'un jeu typique de Cox. Lors de la demi-finale de l'Est contre les Lions en 2014, les Lions sont profondément dans leur territoire. Cox joue sur le côté droit de la ligne défensive. Les Lions y vont d'un jeu au sol et le porteur de ballon (je ne sais plus si c'était Rainey ou un autre) s'échappe le long de la ligne de côté opposée à Cox, donc avec une avance sur lui et un chemin direct à la zone des buts. Cox l'a pris en poursuite et l'a plaqué avant qu'il n'atteigne la zone des buts. Cox n'a jamais lâché, il a couru comme un malade et a fait le jeu. Je me demande même si ce n'est pas sur le jeu suivant que Brown avait retourné le ballon dans la zone des Lions, mais ça pourrait être un autre jeu.

Cox était un leader silencieux. Il ne parlait pas. Il faisait les jeux. Il avait une anticipation extraordinaire et une énergie inépuisable. Ça devait être presque plus intimidant de jouer à se côtés que de jouer contre lui.


I remember that play too! And that was in 2014, as his career was starting to wind down. Truly impressive.