Congratulations to Calgary & Ottawa

Congratulations to both Calgary & Ottawa for their wins today and all the best in the Grey Cup in Edmonton next weekend!

Tough loss for the Ti-Cats and Blue Bomber teams and fans, hopefully Tiger-Cats will rebound in time and get back next year, always next year right Ti-Cat fans, we have been saying that since our last Grey Cup win in 1999? Winnipeg has been saying that even longer.

Cats need to lick their wounds from this game and move forward, Ottawa had their number this year with 4 wins and especially the eastern final today.

Tiger-Cats need to get back to winning seasons again, not this BS sub .500 crap that gets you in the door for the playoffs just because you are in second place but an actual winning season and winning attitude. This team just wasn’t ready for that yet.

I’m for Calgary to win next week!