Congratulations to all you fans!

You have stuck with your team (as you do year after year), you believe in them, you go to home games, you travel to the away games like no others, have suffered for 18 years along with the players.


This victory BELONGS TO YOU FANS as much as the players!!! :thup:

Celebrate...have in this lime light and...(as part owners of your team) DON'T LET THESE GUYS GO!!

Seriously though...I am american and I do not know what I would do without the CFL. It IS a great Canadian tradition that needs to continue because if it didn't many people wouldn't witness great games AND story's like we have seen tonight!

Congratulations to the "13th Man/Woman" Tomorrow is a day off!! :thup:

Thanks Geo a very classy post by a classy person

WTG Sask. fans your team pulled it off maybe we can meet again next year :wink:

Wow! :o …I’ve been called alot of things…but never “classy”. Thanks Dentor :oops:

what can you say. Congradulations to Saskatchewan on a well played game.
to all the fans out in regina.congradultions
hope to do this again next year.
have a great year with the grey cup and please polish it up so the bomber can win it next year. cheers to all the riders. :thup:


I am sooo excited I cant even tell you!