Congratulations Tiger Cats

Your team played well. Williams is a keeper.

Gutsy effort by the Ti-cats you gotta admit.

Now whats going to happen in Calgary with Burris hurt? He looked to be in a lot of pain. Of course at this point anything would be pure speculation... But that's what we do here!

Not sure that is entirely up to the coaches and depends what kind of injury he sustained.

Definitely. Why Chang was ever put over him is beyond me. Great game. Unfortunate that I missed most of it. :?

How about the play of Charlton Keith, he looks to be a good Dlineman. I hope Burris will be OK, hard to see the stars go down, doesnt matter which team they play for.

Pretty good tilt after all. Thought for sure Calgary was driving for the win there at the end and Akili has to come in on 3rd and 14 needing a touchdown cold.

It wasn't really a bad throw by him either.

You mean Hamilton WON? When I looked at Live GameDay thing a few minutes ago the score was 22-20 Calgary. Now it says 24-20 Hamilton!

Richie Williams is the best Hamilton qb that I have seen all year, Taafe needs to have his prescription checked. Great game by their defence too, looks like they have found their rush end in Keith.

Back to reality for the Stamps 05, just like I fortold. That's probably the season for your boys to if Hank is out, too bad Barker couldn't find a back up qb, talk about ironic :wink:

Well Piggy I did not think they would go through the whole season with out losing. Yes it was a bit of a suprise losing to the tiger cats. But Calgary for some reason lays eggs in Steel town. Back to earth no.

1 win against teams with winning records, don't fool yourself, the Stamps just aren't that good.

Well we will see when it is your teams turn to lose my friend. :lol: :lol:
I hope your bombers think that way too.
Thats see what other team lost to the Tiger Cats and when they did not have a good team. Gee I think it was the bombers :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any updates on the status of Burris? Im not doctor but I would guess it's his shoulder, his non throwing shoulder at that.

Funny you should mention that because I don't recall them losing to the Ticats third string qb !!!!!!!

Didn't you lose to Montreal's now 3rd string QB?

I do believe that Williams is the now the back-up with Chang as the 3rd stringer. Williams' play should make him the back-up to Printers, especially if Casey is out for any peroid of time. Funny how they went with Williams , and not Chang after Printers was taken out of the game.

Is it not funny that the QB you lost too is no longer playing for this team. :lol: :lol: Pathetic attempt there piggy.

I guess I must of dreamt that he was dumped for some guy named Prinetrs :roll:

Yay Williams

I do not know I think they were playing Chang were they not. Tell me how many games will Maas start this year you clown.

Actually Hamilton has more wins against over .500 teams than the Stamps do :lol: now that's pathetic. Hamiltons third stringer engineers a 104 yrd TD drive in the 4th quarter for the come back, that Stamps defence, p u .