Congratulations Tiger-Cats & Fans

Congratulations Tiger-Cat players, coaches, staff & All the Fans of the Tiger-Cats the best Fans in the CFL, we painted the Rogers Centre Black & Gold and brought the noise our fans are great!!

Great game even when down we kept the faith and energy level high and beat Ricky Ray and the Arblows 36-24!!

Great game guys, enjoy your victory and Eastern Championship when No one else had faith that you would Win, your Team and Fans kept the faith and we did. Now lets concentrate on next week, one more game and the Big dance to win.


Bottom line TSN and everybody else including Rob Ford RESPECT we deserve it and have worked hard :rockin:

Agreed Cats99 Agreed, everyone was down on this team, TSN, media across Canada, no one gave us the chance now they area all stunned, mind you they were all STUNNED to begin with!!


Beautiful Baby, beautiful!

My son is 15 years old and raised a Ticat fan and for the last few years a Ticat season ticket holder along with me. He doesn't know what to do with himself right now and I love it!! It has been way to long. Not much sweeter than beating the defending Grey Cup Champions in their home stadium to go to the Grey Cup!!

Beautiful Baby, just beautiful!!!