Congratulations Stegall

Congratulions on a new record. Milt's a classy guy and all he cared about after the game was that they didn't win. It was nice to see the Rider fans applaud him after the catch. He's one receiver whose had one heck of a career, it's just too bad he plays for our ivals.

Congrats Milt, I bet he cant wait for next week....

As I munch on my plate of crow, Milt proved me wrong last week and this week. During Spring time predictions I thought Milt was getting on in years, but after seeing him last week and this week he looks pretty good and very capable of a few more years, may be to challenge George Reads record.

Congrats Milt!

WTG...Milt I hate you..but your still an awesome player.... :slight_smile:

Absolutely - congratulations!

Congratulations to a classy receiver and overall good guy!!

I am not sure how others see it but he robbed himself on one and was robbed by the officials on the other.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

CONGRATS on the record.........great stuff.

I was impressed by his comment that he would rather be in the record book by winning a Grey Cup

Well done Stegall!

STEGALL - ALL THE BOMBER FANS (AND THE OTHERS) LOVE YOU! You are the man and keep it up! You’ll get the Cup next year in the PEG!

He's one of those guys that if he's on your team, he's amazing. If he's on the other team, he's a serious pain in the a**. That is the mark of a great player . Congrats, Milt!

the the Bombers affectionately call him...deserves all the acalades he great talented act.....go get em' next game Milt...maybe you should provide some glasses for the they actually can see the touchdowns you make... 8)

Ok..well maybe not the others love Stegall like the Bomber fans do..but they at least respect the great classy MILT STEGALL! I'll predict another 2 TD's by Stegall on the 10th in the peg. 1TD for sure!

great job milt, very classy player, i agree with ro thats a very respectable comment saying he would trade all awards for a grey cup win... hope he gets it sometime

I earned a great deal of respect for him this yr when he stated
i may have the record but i still think Allen Pitts was the best ever.

He's much humbler then i ever gave him credit for. Kudos to him.

This guy is great.He is a class act.
I hope you play a few more years.

Class act all the way, what pisses him off is Daily saying through out the year that the Bomber's are in rebiulding mode, when your comming down to the end of a great career, throwing a season away and calling it a rebiulding year is not the way he want's to go out..still has the wheels for a few more season's, best wishes to a great person..