Congratulations Stamps

Well, the betting man in me thought before the season started that the Stamps are the team to beat this year. And although our defense made it a little easier on them than they could have, the Stamps, IMO, proved me right. As much as I was mad that Burris left, I have never been able to boo him as a player as I strongly believe he is the most entertaining QB in the league and tonight was no different. Every time he burned us, I booed, I was mad, but I laughed and I couldn't help thinking how much I liked watching him play. It was a good night for Stamps fans that is for sure. We finally got to see what they are capable of. That one play in particular, the fake handoff to Copeland, that was so well executed (other than the pass was incomplete), but everyone was chasing Copeland, I thought they must have used two balls for the play or they got David Blaine to help get the ball back to Henry. Simply brilliant. Anyway, it is very late, I am tired and I am rambling. The moral of this story is good game Stamps. Hopefully the 29th will tell a different story, but for now, victory is most definitely yours.

Go Riders!!