congratulations stamps!

I think that was the best game I've seen them play in years... well done.

Good luck in the GREY CUP!

I didn't think it would happen, but they deserve to be there.


YEAH BABY!!! :rockin:

Agreed! The better team won and rightly so. The Stamps made the Lions look average. It was a disappointing loss for Lions fans who have seen the Lions play better most of the season. Suffice it to say that the Stamps didn't win because the Lions handed the game to them. The Stamps won because they dominated a very good team in all areas of the game. It was frustrating to watch as a Lions fan but at the same time you have to give the Stamps full credit for advancing to the Grey Cup. There were some brilliantly executed plays.

very well said beagle , I especially think the Stamps did a better job in the coaching department (my opinion) was fitting that the two top teams in the west met, and the stamps prevailed against a very powerful rival, 'Any Given Sunday' certainly applies here...

Congrats Stamps! You deserved this one! I thought the only way we would get beat was if Cornish ran for 200 yards and our poor tackling let him get away. Instead Glenn picked apart our secondary. As disappointing as it was for a Lions fan to watch, Calgary gets full marks for the win.



The way Dickenson ran (what I thought) was the perfect game plan. Does he get a Head Coaching job anytime soon?

(Maybe in Winnipeg since they go through Head Coaches every two years? :wink: )