Congratulations Smiling Hank!!

After watching Henry Burris over the years in his long CFL career and now the elder statesmen of the game at age 40 it's great to see him break yet another record in the game.

As an ex-Rider, Stampeder, Tiger-Cat and now QB for the Redblacks, Henry has done a great job and just keeps going and certainly has outperformed many QB's and other players who have been long gone. Henry is a classy guy and great personality of the game as I'm sure coach Austin and others would agree.

Great watching Henry in Hamilton and Congratulations on another one in the record books.

We Look forward to your back to back games with the Tiger-Cats.


Apparently he didn't get the memo from some of the regulars here that his best days are behind him. Well, maybe TODAY they are. :wink:

totally jealous of smiling Hank, 40 and still bringin it!

I, like Al Bundy, peaked in High school. its been all down hill since 18 :oops:

Not only the record breaking completions but 506 yards passing in just over 3 quarters of football!!! and completions to 7 different receivers, I think every backup got a reception.

I just dropped Hank for Jeff Mathews on TSN fantasy! :frowning:

After watching many great QB's play in the CFL over the years, it's great to see a guy at 40 years young still out there every game playing better than many young guns and putting up the numbers.

The Redblacks are certainly a team now in the hunt for the CFL east title with Hamilton and Toronto.


Hank has good and bad days. Overall more good than bad.