Congratulations Simoni Lawrence

17 defensive tackles against Winnipeg tonight.

Set a new CFL record.

Top defender in the league right now.

Go Simoni!

Congrats, Simoni ;D great game tonight!!
Oskee wee wee - 11-3 !!

he’s a great player…hope he keeps his head in the game with good decisions.

I feel the same. I like to see the players with such high talent, NFL-calibre at that with Lawrence, get it together and play well despite being on another team (unless of course it's against my team). It's good for the league and the game we love.

Great game Simoni .

He actually used to play for Edmonton, but was traded to Hamilton along with Masoli in 2013.

I forgot about that trade. Who did the Esks get in return?

It was Lawrence, Masoli, and Greg Wojt to Hamilton with Nathan Kanya and Carson Rockhill going to Edmonton.

Clear win for Hamilton; Ed Hervey got fleeced.

…no doubt, don’t even remember Kanya or Rockhill…

…congrats to Simoni for the record setting game, he’s a force to be reckoned with…

Wow. I forgot about that trade too. You all go back a long ways, but it sounds like that one belongs in the Top 10 or 20 or all-time trade coups.

When I read the names of those two guys that Edmonton got, I’m like, “who now?”

Yeah really. It could have been for names we know let’s say such as Johnny Nacho Manziel and Chad Ochocinco Johnson, billed as the CFL stars of the future at the time, and it would have been just as disastrous. Oof.

And even though Wojt wasn’t in Hamilton for long, he was their starting right tackle that season. The Ticats got some serious value out of that trade.

I think Hervey is one of the most overrated GMs in history. A true legend in his own mind.

Maybe we should wait a few more seasons to see how Masoli and Simoni do before passing final judgement on the trade.

I'd say they are already well into the plus column in Hamilton on that one and it's a clear win. The rest is gravy and punishment for Hervey's awful and legendary woeful decision.

And for what Edmonton got, maybe somebody here knows who the heck they are and what they have done. Or maybe somebody has sat next to one of them while having a drink in some bar. Or in the stands.

We have gains versus zero or losses. Slam dunk.

Should we wait a few more seasons to see how Kanya and Rockhill do as well?

I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

Yes, definitely thick sarcasm.

Yeah, but you guys know my tendencies from the Ticats board.

Maybe it’s Simoni Lawrence and not Brandon Banks who’s the Ticats MVP.