Congratulations Riders!!

Hey Saskatchewan Fans great game against the Argo's and congratulations on your third straight victory, that's the way to start a season! Argo's got their blue and white asses kicked and I loved it, before the True Argo Fan base of 18,000 but e have to mention that 4,000 in attendance were Rider fans and who came from Far and Wide to support their team, unlike Toronto who draws maybe 30 fans to watch a game in Hamilton?

Got to love the Braley Bunch and that great marketing in T.O. the City wins a Grey Cup the 100th of the CFL, the team thinks they are Gods and totally invincible and they get 18,000 fans for support what excuses will be drawn up now? Honda Indy is on, Blue Jays are playing in Cleveland, it was sunny but fans thought it would rain oh but they play in a dome that cost the tax payers of Ontario 300 million???

6000 more than the Cats had for their home opener!

Thanks for the congratz ... I guess.

As for the Argo bash ... check your calendar. Cats are next. Hope you enjoy 4-0 as much as you did 3-0.

btw I was at Ivor Wynn last year for the Lions game. Lots of Argos fans at your tailgate and in the stands. Why? Because they are football fans. Same deal at the Dome. Hamilton fans in TO to watch Argos/Riders or Argos/Als, because they are good football fans.

It is a very special thing you guys have out there. 2 teams so close together, 10 bucks on the Go Bus. When Ottawa comes back next year you will have 4 teams within an afternoon's drive. That is a very special thing. I'm in Vancouver. For me a football road trip is a 10 or 12 hour dive through the mountains, and then back again. Even a weekend game requires taking a Friday or a Monday off of work. If I lived out where you do, I'd be tailgating with all my rivals instead of bashing them from behind an anonymous keyboard. You have no idea what you're missing to go for beers after the game with fans from 3 or 4 different teams all wearing their colors. Join the CFL family. :thup:

4 - 0 and 5 - 0 will be sweet. m/

Hey I think it's great that the Riders are winning and especially when they beat up on the Argo's, I thought Chris Jones was going to blow a gasket last night, funny to watch? Argo fans are a dime a dozen but too bad they can't get more than a dozen into a stadium, in a City of 3 Million and a Grey Cup winning team they draw 18,000 that's absolutely disgusting but you'll never hear any Argo fan say that, it's alway excuses, excuses and more excuses, with that many in a City like Toronto their are No excuses, unless your Rob Ford because he would need four seats to fit one!!!

Hey Prariedog72 it's funny how some people in west think that everyone who is a CFL fan in the East lives between Toronto and Hamilton and Yes you are right that if I lived in that area and I did at one time 15 years ago that I would support both teams by attending every game but the funny thing is, I live three hours from Hamilton or Toronto and still support the teams so what the Hell is wrong with Toronto Fans if they can't support their own team from living right there? It's not excuses, excuses don't buy tickets, and Western fans should not be so damn to quick to judge if they don't understand how far I drive to attend a game there and back about six hours not to mention how much time at the game and parking about as far as you do to a game between your Riders and Winterpeg or Edmonton??

What's your excuse in life!!!

The CFL Rocks but some Fans you have to wonder???

Four hours (driving only) each way to Mosaic in Regina for me, and you don't hear me going on and on about it... :cowboy:

Hey Jimbo I was answering Prariedog72 who thought I lived close by like the 5 million CFL fans do in the GTA? You live in Saskatchewan you are expected to travel because you have only team in a province of 1 million people or whatever I don't know if there is that much in Red neck country?? Check the dialogue conversation pal.

Not your pal, and not Jimbo, thanks. You’ve got the totally wrong gender, even. And you said “western fans”…of which I am one…(pssstt…by the way…public forum, anyone can respond…)

You obviously didn't read a single word that I wrote so I won't bother continuing a conversation with someone who only talks to hear his own loud obnoxious voice. I have better things to do.