Congratulations Riders...

...the first quarter was simply a waking up time, the riders played an awesome game, congrats for making it to the Grey Cup 2009....

im still cheering for the als...and THAT makes me sick

Alouettes all the way. The worst thing to ever happen to the CFL would be to have the Riders win two Grey Cups in 3 years. Can you imagine how much more obnoxious that team would be...

Having said that, good on them for playing well and making it to the Grey Cup. Calgarys worst nightmare.

Thanks Red! One classy Stamps fan. Better luck next year.

Yup, I didn't watch the game, because it doesn't really matter who wins as the Als should sew this thing up next sunday. Good luck will need all of it, hee heee.

Go Al's!!!!!

Stamps weren't even in the game other than the first quarter, Burris and company were outclassed all the way by the Riders, Durant will be a better qb in this league than Burris could ever hope to be.

LMAO!!! As long as the lions are watching, that's already a victory. Prepare yourself for several rebuilding years.

Go Riders

and one classy stamps fan is one more than the riders have all together LOL jk jm02 is classy...LOL yup good luck against the als...know whats kinda funny tho! we can blame the end of the western dominance of the grey cup on the riders :smiley: woohoo lol :lol:

Okay will do. The alouettes will destroy you guys. Enjoy your last week of trash talk, you will get humbled up like every other team in the league.

no they wont geroy...they will get destroyed and still think they are the greatest team ever. and by them i mean some of them...just so thats already clear LOL

Like I said, ONE classy stamps fan....

Well when you apparently live in the crotch of Canada, as our good friend Mike Kelly likes to say, then you need something to think you're special :smiley:

lol i love when most of these riders fans use the word "classy" i wasnt sure they knew what i meant for along time LOL, some day maybe...but until than they will just continue to wear rotting peices of fruit on their heads :lol:

Thank you RedandWhite. Had the game been in Calgary I fear the score might have been reversed. Home field really helped us in the game. Boy, your stamps jumped out early and it was worrysome. No disrespect intended but I have to hand it to our Riders for hanging in there and sticking with the game plan despite the early setback. CALGARY WILL DO A STELLAR JOB HOSTING THE GREY CUP AND THE ATMOSPHERE CREATED WILL BE ELECTRIC. I still remember being such a proud Canadian after see the wonderful job Calgary did hosting the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know the city will do a great job. Again thank you for your sportsmanship and to Stamps and Lions fans it is a great, great league with drama and excitement that is unbelievable. Next year will likely be a new champ so keep supporting your teams so this wonderful league continues. And, it is not to late to jump on the bandwagon folks- remember the WEST SHOULD STICK TOGETHER. :rockin: :smiley:

as enticing as your offer is turkey im going to decline lol, ill rot before i cheer on the riders :smiley: no offense just cant bring myself to do it...too many cocky riders fans where im from that i wont stoop low enough to cheer these guys on here lol. good luck...the riders are gonna need it LOL

Leading by example, I see.

Turkey, you must be classless, too, a post like that. :roll:

aww leaglebeagle its all in fun, if you were able to suck it up and read the comment i left for turkey youll see there was no hostilities, its just the ones like you who get their panties in a knot when someone doesnt worship your opinion that have a problem...remember deep breathes lol :roll:

Your choice Jacob7 but if you change your mind the door is always open- I'll even get a green football jersey made up with your name on the back , and, if you decide to come bring along Geroy Simon - man he is a scary good receiver.
Remember WEST IS BEST.


thanks again lol if you could infulence the riders fans i know i might think about it lol :lol: but as for that jersey…id just hang onto your money for now LOL