Congratulations Riders and Bombers!

Well it is the Hillbilly Bowl! But I have to go with dads teams.

Go Bombers Go

Thanks RW05 I know when you pick a team it usually loses...

Why couldn't this have happened last year?

Congrats to the riders. The better team won. Sad end to the season for my Lions. Rider fans deserve it. Good luck at the big show, represent the West.

Small town going to the big city...

Now to my leos. Great season. You fought hard. Any other team in this league would have been bottom feeders with a 3rd string QB, but not us. Some treated us as goons but to me you'll always be my champs.

Dave Dickenson, thanks for all the years but please don't risk it.

Next year, we'll be stronger then ever!

Thanks 05.

Holy moly, the ultimate Banjo Bowl!! A prairie footballers dream!!

(Why couldn't this have happened last year?)

it's going to be great.
glad i kept my mouth shut before the game. never knew who would win until late. better to boast after then eat crow!

Way to go Turkeybend,Sambo42,Jman135,greenwhite and 1 or 2 other Rider fans with a sense of humor you know who you are.
From BobbyP

I'm going to try and hitch a combine ride to TO as the Rider fans pass through Bomberville. :wink:

Prairie football!

Congratulations to both teams, and their
well deserved victories.

Now go down to Toronto and show them how its done.

anyone noticing the trend of the grey cup host team winning ( or atleast making it to )the grey cup the following year?

edmonton won the year after they hosted, same with BC, and now winnipeg.

does this mean toronto can book thier flight to montreal for '08?

The better team today won. Full marks to Austin and coaching staff for a good game plan. Riders were fully deserving of the win and would like to congratulate them and tell them to go win the Cup.

Thanks to the Lions for a good season. Too bad you couldn't get it done in the West Final.

…thanks my son…we’re gonna need all the support we can get considering the qb. situation…

on a side note…Henry Burris did a heckuva’ job on the CBC panel tonight…he’s smooth and articulate…i was quite impressed…once the stamps give him the heave ho’ …he certainly should take up broadcasting…(only kidding and thanks again for the support…you’re a good son…) :thup:

Congrats to the Riders, they played an almost flawless game this afternoon, and they deserved the win.

Actually, I quite agree. I knew he was a good communicator but broadcasting for the first time is not a natural thing - he was more articulate than most of the relative newcomers on either CBC or TSN.

Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Thanks red. you just gave them the kiss of death. But in all seriousness, it was a hell of a day of football. a lot of fun. And in no way will the Riders be taking the bombers lightly. They have a tonne of playmakers on that team and will show up to win on Sunday.

Man am I glad I get to cheer on my team for once at the Grey Cup.

Grey Cup 07, weekend of joy.

To all Rider and Blue Bomber fans! Go down to Toronto represent the CFL the best way you know how and show those people in Toronto how much fun the CFL can be. Good luck to both teams and have a great time. I am heading for Vegas! I will say hi to Roy shivers for you.

Have a good time in Vagas & come back with your pockets full of money.