Congratulations REDBLACKS!

Well done Ottawa Redblacks! Wow!

Only 2 wins in their inaugural last year and look at the team now. 1st Place in the East and they host the Eastern Final.

Burris is red hot. The team has gelled. I would not be surprised at all if the Ottawa Redblacks go home with the cup!

They dominated Hamilton which is a darn good team but they were not to be denied 1st place.

X2. Awesome for the Ottawa fans. After all they have been through this is a great reward for them making their place an electric and all around great place to see a football game and watch on T.V. Good luck the rest of the way. Hope you get it done.

it just keeps getting sweeter.

great game today, great results, great accomplishments by burris and the team. records and all.

just loving it.

I have never cheered much for Ottawa except when paopoa was coach. a little bit when j.c watts played.

I knew at the beginning of the year that Ottawa was going to be better than most were predicting. didn't know by how much of course.

as I watched each new receiver they picked up, I just got excited. sweet core of receivers.

You just know there'll be SOME people on here that will still be saying "they'll fold in 3 years" :roll:

Holy Mood killer Batman. Has anything positive ever come out of you. I sure hope you are single and there's not other people living with your stuff every day.

Lol...Actually, cflisthebest made me laugh with that. He may be completely right. Some predicted they wouldn't see year three. They'll just change their tune to "Just wait until they start losing again". There is no better middle finger for these people than a winning season, so...there you go.

So. This is what it's like, eh? Pretty cool. :wink:

Congratulations to Ottawa RedBlacks on winning the East Division this year!

A tough pill to swallow as a Tiger-Cat fan and to watch but they had more of a sense of urgency than we did to win today.

All the best to the Ottawa team, coaches, staff and players on a heck of a year and a big turn around from last season your first year back in the CFL after so many away.

Can't say we didn't a scare there at some point... :oops:

I haven't watched the game on TV yet, so I don't know if this is accurate, but it looked to me as though Hamilton threw the kitchen sink. That has to be respected.

Was Harris actually hurt, or did they plan on playing Masoli that much all along? I believe Harris came out after making a hell of a throw, then next thing I knew Masoli is there running option plays and such. Obviously caught Ottawa off-guard.

Yeah .... It's been a f@%k of a LONG time :lol:
the last time we did this was 3 decades ago so excuse me if I am lost for words LMAO

Well, this may give them 5 yrs, :wink: ... seriously though, congrats to the RedBlacks and the Ottawa fans... I hope they have a QB that can take over when Henry retires... they key to the success is making the playoffs and a home game. It will help out the bottom line very nicely.

This reminded me to send a message on Twitter to my buddies in "Friends of Lansdowne Park".

Have you heard, Friend of @LansdownePark? The @Redblacks have clinched the Eastern Division! :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a little loud tonight too :lol:
what's gonna happen we play Toronto in two weeks? :wink:

Something else, too. I don't want to include anybody here in what I said about predicting death by year three. You guys at least know your stuff. You can at least formulate an argument as to why you felt that way.

I do mean jackasses in Friends of Lansdowne and the mouth-breathers that posted to that effect in newspaper articles and such. You could tell they didn't know a damn thing and were just parroting what opponents to the Lansdowne Park redevelopment wanted them to say.

For example, they would often say that Ottawa had already folded three times. So clearly they were all reading from the same notes and repeating the same error. They were a sneaky bunch like that.

I did spot you in the crowd today, 'back. Love the signs. :lol: See you in two weeks. :thup:

Well done RedBlacks.

Not including GCs, this will be the first playoff game in Ottawa since 1983 is my memory serve me right. That's a long wait looking forward to the East Final already.

I did spot you in the crowd today, 'back. Love the signs. :lol: See you in two weeks. :thup:
:rockin: We'll be there louder than ever :thup: Had to spend the last 8 minutes of the game in the end zone so I could get the jersey but by then the game was over :)

May be a long time but we will take it!!!!!!

admittedly the better team won and the fans deserve a success story after years of poor ownership and abject mismanagement under Glieberman and Chen.

a tip of the hat to the RB organization. :thup:

now if the Argos can achieve a similar passionate fanbase at the new BMO the CFL East is in good shape.

This has got to be the best story in the history of the CFL.

No football in Ott for 8 yrs. No GC since 76. 2-16 in 2014.

Now 1st place.

I am a Stamps fan and I do hope to see a repeat.

If not, it would be great to see Henry get a ring.

BTW, Ott fans deserve it.

Very impressive. A average coach and average offensive Coordinator pulled together a great season.
Well done. These guys look like major winners. Well done redblacks