Congratulations Ottawa!!

Congratulations Ottawa Redblacks on your victory today and tough loss for the Tiger-Cats who demonstrated a lot of class and composure for Jeremiah Masoli his offence and the entire Tiger-Cat team for a team that was written off long ago after the loss to Zach Collaros.

This game will go down in history as one of the best played Eastern Finals in a long time!

Great play by both teams and best of luck next week to the Redblacks in Winnipeg in the 103rd Grey Cup!!


I really hope Ott wins the GC.

For these reasons :

76 drought.

Stamps fan , so I am against the Esks.

To end this talk about getting rid of the divisions.

The Cal - Edm game is not the GC.

Not happening

Well, let's play it anyway, just in case something weird happens...

miracles never repeat

Here we go again :wink: :lol:

2009 Sask did not have a chance against Mont. ( 13 th man screwed it up )

2014 Ham did not have a chance against Cal. ( You know what happened )

2015 Please do not give Ott a chance. ( should help them )