Congratulations OSEG

Took the game yesterday with five friends. The whole experience was fantastic. From parking, shuttle, ingress, egress, line of sight, vendors, gift shops, Video screen is amazing, sound was clear, lighting amazing to the point that it is a little bit distracting.... All absolutely first class. Best CFL experience I have enjoyed. Well worth the 386.00. Then went for late dinner at Rosa`s on Bank street and the whole staff was wearing RB gear and again great time. Two Gatineau residents I brought to the game plan to bring their employees out for a night in September. :thup:

Goes to show you when done right, with an exclusive stadium and great ownership group.

I didn't care for the game itself. :wink:

But I'm very happy you enjoyed your time there. :thup: My own experience was better the second time around. The scoreboard was easier to read and when my food order was delayed, they apologized up and down. Might not sound like much, but at the first game I wasn't even able to order food at all.

Because of the lighting comment, I gather you were on the north side?

They do deserve credit for all they have done getting the team and the stadium ready; kudos.

We have season tickets in the Southside upper deck and we little issues while on the lower concourse or the upper deck getting food and beer at the second game. First game was another thing :thdn:

Thanks OSEG for bringing football back to Ottawa :thup:

Yeah North Side and picked seats under the canopy close to the big screen. Had no issues with getting cold beer to our seats and concessions were typical of half time football.

Their doing it right. I haven't taken a bus in over 20 years, can't wait to get on one to go to the next game now.

It's kind of become part of the experience. I hope it doesn't lose that aspect.

The park opens officially today, so there should be more places to check out. I hope to be there nice and early. Going with old dad tonight, so that's cool. :thup: Weather doesn't seem as promising as the first two games, but we'll see.

Great view from the top of the condo tower overlooking the field