Congratulations on your win

Good game bomber fans. Your team did well I hope Roberts is going to be good to go next game. Sorry for the delay but I had work through a tragic experience that last couple of days. It looks as though your team can hang in there for first place.

Thanks Bud! Hope things will work out.

hope all is well for ya red. thanx for the congrats. we hope we can keep first to.

////thankyou my son....where would we be without the Argos want to push this thing to the end...we'll either finish this reg. season next week...orrrrr against Mont. at home the next....seems the Als are content with a third place finish.... :roll: we'll see...

..hope you worked out your problem....

Heres a bold prediction CGY finishes 3rd in west, Upsets BC and SSK in Playoffs and loses to WPG in Grey Cup. Not kidding true prediction.

I'm actually curious about this lad's tragedy rather than Roberts. In all honesty, I was not at all worried about Roberts because I know our guy is a warrior. It's always been evident.

Hope things work out 05

Best to ya' bud!

Thats not too bold. Calgary is capable of beating both of those teams.......