Congratulations Montreal

I don't think you guys played your best game, nor do I feel the Riders their's, but you kept playing until the final whistle and pulled the victory out. There's very few teams that I feel have the classy players that the Al's have, and it helps make the loss a tiny bit more easy to accept being that there's so many guys on that team that deserve the Cup.

It's a heartbreaking way to lose the game on a very preventable penalty, but credit where it's due, the Al's were behind the entire game, didn't lead the game for more than a second, and pulled it out.

Hopefully it's one of many trips back to the big show for the Riders.

If you told me the season would end with a 1 point loss in the Grey Cup back in preseason when many picked a last placed finish, I'd take it in a second.

Here's to next season!

Or as Burris would say--"Montreal didn't win the game we gave it to them." Only this time it is very true.

...whatever helps you in this time of hurt small man....

...on a note pertaining to the thread's title, Congrats Montreal!!!!.....that was an amazing end to a very exciting game....the crowd tonight was boisterous, and was a heck of a party....

Indeed, and I shall never pass up another opportunity when the Grey Cup is out West to miss the party, great show by the City of Calgary and let's hope you're up to the task next year Edmonton.

Great game....feel bad for any team that loses like that, but then again.....a penalty is a penalty.

I was very impressed with the Montreal locker room post game happenings. First thing they did was congratulate the riders . That is class. They had a team meeting and were very impressive with their family like relationships. Very classy organization.

Congrats to the year hopefully.

Congratulations to montreal for playing the full 60 minutes instead of 59:59.

Ok big man. :roll:
No need to get into a pisssing match. Everyone has heard Burris say that they lost the game without giving the other team the credit. With no time left on the clock and the missed field goal, because specialtiy coach didn't count the number on men on the field, I would say yes they gave it away. Don't matter though its in the books as an Al's win. Things are looking very good for the riders in the future with their draft picks, team, and hopefully new ball park.

karma for how rider fans treated burris, mccallum, shivers, barrett, kenton keith, etc.

From one Rider fan to another... This is not the time to post garbage like this. Don't even bring up Burris, at all. It was a good game, we lost, let's not toss unnecessary garbage. I can vouch that R&W is one of the best posters on this site.

I know he is also, but I didn't lie and it was true. He is the one who came off heavy on me not the other way around.

I was just using the same kleeshay and stating that it acually fit.

He came off "heavy on you" because your comments came across as petty and's not rocket surgery...

You're initial comment was uncalled for, maybe it was innocent in it's intention but I can see how many can interpret it otherwise.

When Edmonton won in double OT of 2005 after Calvillo was called for an illegal forward pass, did we 'give' them the Cup? As an Als fan, I didn't feel a damn bit better in 2005 knowing that Calvillo's mistake 'gave' the Eskimos a Grey Cup victory. Nobody remembers anything except the result.

As I remember the results of the defeats, so I will savor the memory of this VICTORY.

Big ups to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. What a gritty, smash-mouth team. And Durant is going to be a star in this league.

Congrats to both teams.
An awesome game, for me the second best since the epic of 1989.

Congrats to the Alouettes. Purely class on that team. I'm really happy for AC, Cahoon, Trestman and company.

It had an inocent intention, not my fault he took it the wrong way. I was laughing as I worte it down. I congradulated the Montreal team before the post. The game was lost and I am over it. Being called Small man was demeaning me, not my post. My only wrong was calling him big man back. That I shouldn't have.

The class of people is measured in victory and in defeat, and to all those who said the Riders' fan had no class I would like to say that they just had one very heart breaking defeat and all I have seen from them since, is very classy.