Congratulations MK

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...a well deserved honour. :rockin:


:thup: :thup:

Great news, and it sounds like Avon Cobourne wanted Stala to win Most outstanding Canadian.

Heck of a player, congrats for sure. :thup:

Congratulations Markeith!

My favourite Cat defender gets due recognition. Well deserved!

Oski Wee Wee,


Great to hear about him getting the recognition he deserves.

The first Ticat to be named the CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player since Joe Montford in 2001.

Had to like seeing this picture:

Yes, according to these tweets:

And the first sentence in this post said it all: ... layer.html

But there were some good quotes from Markeith himself in it.

Another picture:

I can't claim to have actually watched Ben Archibald play this year - or even Hage for that matter. (Yeah, I usually watch the guys with the ball.) But it seems funny that no Tiger-Cat has ever won the Outstanding Offensive Lineman award in its 37-year history.

We've done fairly well on the Defensive award though, with 7 wins over that same timeframe.

Congratulations, Markeith. You richly deserve this honour. It's great to see you getting this recognition. We're fortunate to have you as a Tiger-Cat.

Finally!! Congrats Markeith. For those who though Cox would get this award all I can say is :stuck_out_tongue: nananananana lol.

I will take the high road on the other results.

You mean like Duane Forde? On last week's broadcast he referred to Chip Cox as "arguably the best defensive player in the east division this year." Arguably, I suppose. Except that he wasn't.

At least we won something this year Congrats MK

The Barber of Defense from the Hammer won. :thup: :thup: :smiley:

Too bad the trophy looks like something you could pick up at United Trophy for about 25 bucks. CFL high class all the way! :lol: :wink:

:thup: X 2

bout time some respect was shown for the best D man in the biz :thup:

Agree 100%

Great player, great person.

Markeith looks good holding that trophy :thup: CONGRATULATIONS to a great Tiger-Cat

Keep up the outstanding work Markeith!We're lucky to have a future CFHOF player like yourself :thup: