congratulations Marcus Brady

Even though we lost, Brady played a fantastic game, adding a new dimension to our game. Exciting, yes!
Now let's find a coach, 3rd & one and calling in the Field Goal team . It appeared that the players had a say.
And why do we have to run straight up the middle when we know there will be a log jam there. Even a short swing pass, please just a yard.
Let's face it , the Western conference will walk over either Winnipeg or Toronto.

Im getting more and more comfortable wit hthe idea of Brady taking over for calvillo once he retires. With better coaching and OC he could definitely be a starter for this team in the not too distant future

As a Bomber fan I would rather have saw AC playing QB for you guys. He would have been sacked at least 5 times. Brady is MUCH better at avoiding the rush.

Brady has shown all the tools. Mobility, Poise,soft touch, Good leadership, respect. Definitely one of the highlights of the season was identifying Brady as a possible starter. Providing the talent that is there wishes to return. A few changes and this team will be right back in the mix. There is no question this team was 3rd best in the division this year.

One of the highlights of 2007 was the emergence of Brady at starting QB.Today he completed 17 of 28 passes for 299 yards. Despite the absence of Seagraves and Bourke,the lineman gave Brady the time to pass and again he demonstrated he can pass from the pocket as well as being a pass-run threat on the outside. It is noticable that Brady does not get sacked as often as did Calvillo and his ability to scramble is an asset for the team. He deserves a shot as starting QB next year and at least the opportunity to stay off the bench and spending time at quarterback. Actually, I believe the duo of Calvillo and Brady, sharing the QB slot would give the Als opportunity for a great change of pace in game situations.

Yes, I think we can all agree here. Great performance by Brady.

Brady was the Offense. Big drops by Thurman and Watkins today.

Yes, that was annoying. Watkins made some nice catches and did have the one big drop...but that's what we've come to expect from him. Thurmon was more of a disappointment because it's not like him, and he was really bad today.

Brady was a warrior today. Not his fault we lost. Our coaching, as usual, was atrocious, and in the clutch, our receivers let Brady down with terrible drops. I don't care how many yards Watkins piles up. I'm sick of him dropping perfectly catchable balls at key times. Thurmon was unbelievably and uncharacteristically bad, his head didn't seem in the game at all.

If we fire our coaches, retool our O-line, and bring in people who know how to structure an offense, Brady can excel with us.

Say what you will, but that was one of the most intense games I have had the pleasure of watching in a long time in Winnipeg. For that I thank Popp and the rest of the Als team.

You just knew that whoever won the coin toss and was going to have the wind in the 4th quarter was going to have the last chance to win it. We got lucky and won the toss and the wind never let up once that entire game.

Brady was great...

I'm not looking forward to playing him in the next year or two...he's a keeper for sure...

That's for sure. Both teams deserve credit for putting on a great show and leaving it all on the field.

I love Brady, he is so exciteing. I love scrambling QBs!

i really like brady but i am not looking forword to loseing anthony that would be a big blow to the als but with time brady will be the next ac