Congratulations Marcel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said in prior threads dating back to September…Have faith in this GM. He knows what he’s doing. Congrats to the whole front office for a job well done. This organization will become the model to follow in years to come. They are strong down the middle…where it counts…Owner, CEO, GM, Coach…and hopefully at QB.

I see a Respectable 3rd Place..
It will take a year or two for us to be use to new Systems. Get the players we need to be Grey cup Bound.

It's way too early to tell. The QB situation in the East isn't clear just as one example.

The hiring of Taaffe will give impetus for optimism. I await the announcement of who will be on his staff with keen interest. We need guys who can teach players in solid systems on both sides of the ball.

More pertinent is how deep the F.A. pool will be in conjunction with the draft. The team still has areas where upgrades are required to be playoff-ready. As I stated, it's early. I don't start reading tea leaves about the CFL until March, if that. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

After this past season, and the optimism that preceded it, who in their right mind would want to predict NOW where the Tiger Cats will finish next season?????

While this comment is valid, let us not all forget that possible in 2008 there could be the dreaded "dispersal draft" if Ottawa is back. This could derail many plans of growth in the next 2 years.
Optimistically I know we can and will do better under a Mr. T system. However lets all be patient for awhile and for a change!


[quote="Catattack1"][quote="cuckoobird06"]Like I said in prior threads dating back to September...Have faith in this GM. He knows what heAgreed. This could derail plans if not done properly. Is there anything going on right now with a new Ottawa franchise? Any groups still interested in purchasing the Club?

Sorry, have I missed something?
When was Taffe announceed as HC?

Congratulations to Marcel and Bob and thank you for the Christmas present.

Now everything is coming together - top down.

As for predictions, who knows? As long as Marty York doesn't pick the TiCats for first place, anything is possible.