Congratulations Lions

Good job on a well played game! All the best next week vs the Stamps.

It almost feels like Thanksgiving.

I would like to say thanks to Rides for hosting the western semi final....because we seem to do better here than back under the doom as of late

And like the wife's cooking...the Riders goose got cooked.....I mean over done cooked!


The Riders were like the Thanksgiving turkey - they got stuffed (by the Lions).

Ah, now life is complete.

First half, defence was an A plus. Offence not so good . Second half, Warrior came out and changed the game . Buck was awesome. Had that fire that says, "I,m not going to lose on this night". Incredible effort! Way to go guys, all of us are so proud! I love being a Lions fan! :rockin:

Ya I am going to love showing up to work work in Regina this back!

Great job LEOS!

My orange socks = $4.00
My Lions' hat = $25.00
My Geroy jersey = $120.00
My orange Lion earrings = $3.00 (best dollar shop find EVER)
Screaming like a banshee woman = my neighbours think I'm nuts (again)
Beating Saskatchewan at home = priceless.

To be honest with you i expected alot closer game. I couldn't believe the turnovers that the Riders had in the 1st quarter alone.

Oh Debralynn, you could not have said it better! This win was just priceless, awesome, classy (the last play). Could not have been a better Saturday. I just knew when Edmonton won that the stars would be with us as the second visiting team to blow out the home crowd. It was SO satisfying to silence that crowd

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That is why we were playing you today, and not next week in the west final.

The defence SO MANY TURNOVERS THEY CAUSED, all the fumbles, interceptions. Then the offence was real good at points too. The only thing we need to work on is the quarterback situation, but other than that, AWESOME JOB BC!!!

Your post....PRICELESS. Too funny.

Ya beating the Riders on home turf is my Grey Cup victory in itself.

Isn't life great Mama? More of the same to come. :slight_smile:

Great game by the lions tonight. The riders shit the bed. Luck against the stamps next week. How many months till spring training? :wink:

Yes… team played extremely well… and one part that never seems to get credit but deserved it also in this one was the special team guys. Arakgi did a great job as did B. Anderson and the others keeping the 'Riders pinned.