Congratulations Kyries Hebert winner of the Tom Pate award

From Angry Bird to Gentle Bird...

Tom Pate Memorial Award, selected annually by the Canadian Football League Players' Association, is awarded to a player with outstanding sportsmanship and someone who has made a significant contribution to his team, his community and Association. The award winner must display these qualities such that it distinguishes him from his peers.[1]

The award is named in the memory of deceased CFL player Tom Pate. A 23 year old rookie with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, on October 11, 1975 he was critically injured in a game against the Calgary Stampeders. He never regained consciousness and died three days later.

The award is also known as the CFLPA's Tom Pate Outstanding Community Service Award.

Interesting that the 3 Als players who are most "loved" throughout the league - Cox, Hebert , and Emry (Jake Gadaur Trophy) - all won awards last night. Good for them.

Congrats to the "Angry Birds".

Now, let's see as many, or even more, O players win awards next year!

I don't really care about awards next year. I just want us to win an effing playoff game. Three straight years now we've been bounced from the playoffs without winning a single game. It's time for a change...