Congratulations Ken Ploen

I posted the article in the CFL section about the announcement of Ken Ploen winning the vote for the 1960s Player of the Decade so I'll just post the link to the story at the Bombers website here:

There will be a ceremony before tonight's game. We now know why they decided to hold off on the announcement that was originally supposed to be made at the Argos/TiCats game a couple of weeks ago.

Congratulations Mr. Ploen!!! :thup: :rockin:

Fantastic news! And richly deserved...

…I was a very lucky fan of a terrffic Blue Bomber team of the sixties…a club which had the best coach (Bud Grant), the best quarterback (finally recognized) and one of the best backs to ever play in Canada …Leo Lewis…We were awesome…For those not fortunate enought to see Kenny play in the winning years…i’ll say this…He was one of the smartest qbs. and narurally talented i have seen…and i have seen A LOT qbs. come and go in the CFL…You could count on him if we were down to figure out a way to win…He didn’t have the greatest arm…but man …could he ever carve up a defence by using his smarts…Bud and Kenny went together like a hand in a glove…each one respected each others abilities and were very successful…Witness all the Cups they brought to Winnipeg…Ploen was the main cog…always the planner …a very gifted athlete…Congrats. Ken Ploen :thup: …you are very deserving…and i wished we had one like you on our sidelines today…wait a minute…could that diamond in the ruff be on the bench now…ya just never know… :thup:

I sometimes ask myself why there aren't more QB's coming out of the US colleges now like Kenny Pleon. But then I have to think its because our game has changed to more of a NFL style. I don't know if Kenny Pleon could play in todays CFL. They would say he hasn't got enough arm strength and would get hit hard and often trying to scramble. The 300 OLine LBers just can't get out and block for the roll out QB or a RB like Leo Lewis and his sweeps.

Leo Lewis was IMO probably the best HB to play in the CFL, ever. They mention his Oline blockers Ed Kotowich and Cornell Piper, a pair of all-star guards. Kotowich was about 5'11 225 and Piper about 6'01 240. These guys couldn't play in todays CFL, they would be over matched physically.

Makes me yearn for the good old days when most of the linemen were athletes and we had TE's who were great receivers and fullbacks who did more than just block.