congratulations guys!!

Just want to send a congratulations out your way guys! Hamilton looked awesome today and with all the ex-bombers on the team (players and coaches) I'm siding with the Cats for the post season :smiley:

Great game by Glen and your defense was stifling! Good luck Hamilton - get through BC and then knock Montreal down a notch :rockin:

Thanks. Very classy of you. I'll admit I was a little worried in the first half. :wink:

Okay..I'll confess that I was sooo nervous, that I kept ALL of my fingers crossed throughout the game! Yeah yeah I know...I'm lame. But of all the wins that I've ever wanted from this's was it. I desperately wanted the Cats to beat the Bombers and pound some humility into the arrogant trash talking loud mouthed Bomber fans. For them to be eliminated from the playoffs BY Hamilton looks good on them.

Thanks BBF.. you and Scots have to be the classier of BB fans we've had here all week!!