Congratulations Edmonton

Congratulations to the new Grey Cup Champions.
Thankyou Edmonton and Montreal for one of the best Grey Cups ever.
Cheers :roll:

Congrats to the Esks

Yeah contgrats Esks. What is funny is how StephenMandel garunteed 3 times a Montreal vicory. HAHAHAHA! IN YOUR FACE!

I feel about this win the same way I felt when Oilers won their last cup in 1990: that we got away with one. That game could have gone either way so many times, right up to the end, and both teams showed incredible heart and determination. Congradulations to the Alouettes and their fans for, for another year, showing their true stripes as great ambassadors of this great league, and for leaving it all out on the field. It easily could have been me crying in my beer tonight, and for a few times in the 4th I WAS practically crying in it!

Congrats to Edmonton and their fans !

Congratulations Edmonton and Esks fans! Hell of a game!
And I can't wait for next year already!