Congratulations Cindy Klassen

Congratulations Cindy Klassen

Years ago we would never have believed that we have world class atheletes walking amongst us.

also, congrats to the Habs for killing the hopes of leaf fans everywhere....muHAHAHA...o-lay, o-lay, o-lay, o-laaaaaayyyyy

Indeed. to both. Gotta love it when My habs demolish the leafs twice in a 3 days

does Cindy Klassen play for the Habs...... :lol:

Maybe she should. She can outskate both the Habs and the Leafs.

She could outskate the whole league.

leafs suck fire Quinn

Go sens

The Leafs need major reconstruction. But I shall remain loyal. I like some other teams too, so I'll focus on them for now.

Cindy Klassen is freakin’ amazing … she makes me proud to be Canadian :slight_smile:

Leafs suck, keep Quinn :smiley:

Go Habs

I know I'm going to regret this, but who is she?

She won five medals at the olympic games, broke her own world record in the 1000 metre long track race this past weekend - twice!!, won the ISU world all-around speedskating title this season, set a points record, and is an all-around class act.

What a specimen this gal is, fantastic skater and competitor. Did you know she got cut from Canada's national women's team years back? I bet she is happy she got cut!

did she go to the Commonweath games this year or any other year?

(great closing cerimony, didn't u think so? "I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE!!!" "Your the voice, try to understand it, make some noice and make it clear WAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOWAAAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!! were not gonna sit in slicence, were not gonna live with fear WAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOWAAAHHHHOOOOOO!!!!" Hey, that can be the song for the forum!)

Commonwealth Games are summer games, therefore have no speed skating.

:oops: should have read that part :oops:

still a bit excited over the games

Australia placed frist and Canada in 3nd (which isn't too bad, at less you guys beat out new zealand :wink:)