Congratulations Calgary!!

Congratulations Calgary for winning the 102nd Grey Cup 20-16 in Vancouver!

It wasn't the blowout predicted by many and some who were saying 45-1 victory for Calgary but hats off to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for providing good competition and making it exciting towards the end.

Obviously Hamilton's inability to score in the Red Zone on TD's cost them and of course the BS refereeing of Andre Prix great for Calgary bad for Hamilton.

Once again Congrats to Calgary and their fans!!!

... and check number 5 from the 10 Grey Cup guarentees thread :roll:

Way to go Calgary. You have been in a class of your own all year and deserve to win the Grey Cup. This may be the start of a dynasty as no other team can come close to the talent on this team. Especially their Canadian talent. Great win for a great team.

I'll say this: I hate Calgary, and I'm still demoralized over the West Final loss...but...the smile Huff had when the Stamps were announced as the winners and he was handed the Grey Cup, that's what it's all about. He looked like a little kid winning a prize. Congrats to the Stamps. :thup:

Congrats Stamps! Best team all year - and best team today - by a push on the back (the right call).

The play that almost won Hamilton a Grey Cup - ... k-1.148486

...very entertaining game, Congrats Ticats for a hard fought game and a great season end....rematch next year?

Congrats Stamps, most consistent team all year and pulled out a close one. Full marks for the win.

Yes, Congrats... Bastards. :wink:

...inglorious even.... :smiley:

At least it was a good game. And those that think Proulx decided the game are either Ti-Cat fans or Stamps haters.

Agreed. It was a well called game.

He did look really happy. Maybe a little relief after too many missed opportunities. He deserved it this season.

Just saw your last post Chief. Only one penalty I thought was borderline for a Grey Cup and that was the Objectionable Conduct late in the 4th, but over all a well called game. I cringed when I saw Proulx at the start, but his crew did a good job.

Agree.. well called game. Surprising considering it was Proulx, but credit where it's due. Only calls I thought were missed were a late hit ob by Paradis, and I question whether one of Collaros' sacks was a head shot.

Calgary has been the best of the league all year and deserved this win. Congrats Stamps.

a tip of the hat to the Stamps (and their gracious fans) for a well played game and gutsy thrilling finish to cap off a mediocre season.

this game should help restore some of the luster of the league hopefully including a ratings boost.

Congrads to the Ti-cats for making the game an exciting one. Hope to see a rematch next year. I think that Hammy can be a real force in the East and serious GC contender for the next few years. I hope the team’s long suffering fans can be happy with the Ti-cats 2 GC appearances in a row. I’m sure they will be rewarded with a GC win sometime in the near future (though, in all honesty, I do hope the Stamps are able to repeat next year, though that is a tall order but not unreasonable).
Anyway, great game. Scary to think that the Ti-cats are such a young team and will get better with experience. Good luck next season, may you continue to remain unbeatable at home (what can I say, Hammy is my fav East team). :wink:

Congrats to the Stamps very classy team and the fans I met over the weekend.
Congrats to the Ti-Cats that turned what looked like a disaster of a start to a great finish.
Congrats to the officials of today's game, nobody can complain well done!
Congrats to the City of Vancouver and all the Volunteers to make this one of the best Grey Cups I've ever partied at.
And last but not least Congrats to the makers of Tylenol without them I don't think I could have made it through this whole weekend.