Congratulations Bombers!!

Hey Bombers Congratulations your Team played great tonight, Didn't Win but that's to be expected when you play the Tiger-Cats!!! Buck on his Butt, Perfect!!!

just ignore him,its what we do on our forum :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

He was almost gracious so coming from him that's a step up, no harm no foul. Cats deserved the W, no disagreement on that.

Hamilton fans should be very humble, considering their embarrassing situation with not having enough fan support to sell out a 13 000 seat stadium and their own city not accommodating them with a place to play this year. Their new stadium isn’t much and probably won’t sell out any how. Best to hush up and not troll, when your plight is much …MUCH worse than ours. Lucky you have a sucker in Bob Young…but how much longer is he going to put up with Hamilton not caring ?

How much longer? Um, maybe you heard they're building a new stadium? I think they're going to be around a while. :roll:

No I think you misunderstood. Kasps was not talking about how much longer the cats will be around, but how much longer Bob Young will stick around, but I guess the two are related. At some point you'd have to think that he'll get tired of losing money. Next year he'll be moving into a stadium at a location that wasn't his ideal choice, his voice basically ignored by the fiasco that was Hamilton city council on the project. They will have fewer seats but more luxury boxes. The ideal scenario is they sell those boxes and fill the stands and it will make them profitable. Bob Young is going to lose a lot of money this season despite getting some financial help from the gov't from having to play in Guelph this season. If the Ticats can't sell what they need to in the new stadium to make money do you see him sticking around another 10 years? Do you see anyone else stepping up as owner in that scenario to take over the Cats? There is a lot riding on the success of that stadium I think.

BC RIDER FAN, pay attention :roll: :roll: :roll: ! I know the Ti cats will be around. It's how much will Bob Young can take ! I'm sure he is losing TONS of money.