Congratulations, Bombers!!! How do you do it?

An Open Letter to the Bomber Staff:

Congratulations on your victory! You certainly got a huge gorilla off your back with that win against Hamilton last night. As if dealing with the doubters outside the locker room wasn't tough enough, let me ask you this. How do you deal with disgruntled players who...

  • abuse people who look up to them for no good reason?
  • lose their temper when things go wrong and take out their frustrations on others to hide from their own fears of failure?
  • are emotionally unstable; praise people one day and crap all over them the next?
  • shame other players publicly?
  • randomly pick on players on a daily basis as a matter of habit?
  • display favoritism and irrational loyalty to teammates who are not doing their jobs?
  • allow personal moods to affect their judgment?

What if he's your best player? What if he's a coach? What if the coach can't see his way to seek help when he needs it or fails to admit his mistakes? What if his sidekick is a lousy assistant coach, but a great scout? What then?

It's like Wally Buono said "shut up, show me and win".

Berry turned it over to the veterans on offense and they responded. Had they gone out there and just went through the motions, then you got a problem. But they didn't. They silenced the Troy Scumbag types by showing everyone that they still want to play for Berry.

mmmmmmmmmmmm… I think that Bomber staff may have found its place in your hindquartes.