Congratulations Argos

I'm a TigerCat's fan, but I still want to congratulate the Argos for a great win. The game wasn't all that great, but the 4th made it an instant classic. I'm glad for Banks finally getting his Grey cup win after 4 tries with the Ticats and Kelly for coming in off the bench and getting their offense going. Anyways congratutions.


Thank you! It was a great game and a real nail biter to the end. it was a bit unexpected to be honest but 7 for the past 7 title games is quite the streak


Credit where credit is due. Congrats to Argos fans and organization.

Now it's time for me to go vomit for several hours

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So my question given your newfound potential in Chad Kelly, I can't help but wonder if you will go after Chad Powers too? You once had another famous Chad, Chad Owens, too, so maybe this Chad strategy is optimal?

C'mon it would be good for the CFL. See how many Chads you can have on your team including especially that Chad Powers even if he's only going to hold a clipboard or tablet to help out.

Congratulations Argo's, funny thing Hamilton fans seam to be more upset by their Grey Cup victory than the Bomber's fans are. As you can see many of us are sporting Argo's avatars


If that occurs then every morning all you would hear good morning Chad to see you,

Chad definition
chad - a small piece of paper that is supposed to be removed when a hole is punched in a card or paper tape.

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I think that the TigerCats are considering Bo Levi Mitchell, so no Chad on this team. Personally I still think that Evans should be given more time. Too many times they get rid of quarterbacks and they become stars like Calvillo and Collaros.


Reminds me too much of Eli Manning

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As an Argo fan I’m hoping that Chad Kelly becomes the face of the franchise. Having said that I’m starting to see a pattern with him , where his mouth is getting ahead of his brain.We know the history he had in college. Since coming here he has made comments about throwing for more yards than Flutie. He has said his stock has gone up since they won the Grey Cup.He also said he’s better than 50% of NFL quarterbacks, and now he’s complaining that he was tested for illegal substance after the Grey Cup. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but your setting yourself for a fall. Chad try and stay humble.Be thankful that you have another kick at the can. I wish him the best.