Congratulations Argos!

Good game tonight by the Argos. Big difference from last year is coaching! Lemon surprised me - I think he may just do all right in this league. Has a nice quick release and plays a pretty smart game.

Great game by the Argos…good job…you guys are gonna have a good season.

They looked solid, great coaching, play calling, execution, discipline... If the TiCats live up to expectations and the Argos continue to improve the east could finally have a good year.

Lemon impressed the heck out of me tonight, as did Boyd and the O
Line. And last but certainly not least, Chad Owens. Defence in the 2nd quarter was not good, need to get that under control.
Something strange about tonight's game, everybody thought the defence would be bailing out a weak offence, well it was the opposite tonight. But the D held strong when it counted, and the good guys come away with the W. The boys just need to keep it up, and they most likely will as they jel later in the season. :thup:

Certainly a scrappy win last night. The offense showed enough promise to keep the team in the game and the special teams really responded again. (BTW - should there be concern in the 'Peg after giving up missed FG return TD's in consecutive weeks?) The D had some sloppy tackling moments but did enough to keep things within reach.

Let's see how the boys do with the short turnaround to the home opener on Wed.

Just wanted to pay my respects to the Argo's and there fans, great win!! Played well the whole game and deserved the win lastnight. I think we fans are in for a real dogfight in the east this year boys!!

See you again soon! :wink:

Great to see the come from behind win Argos. The one thing I would love to see is parity in the CFL- where no team gets tossed into the dumpster like last year.

Lemon looks composed and I think he'll get the job done. As much as I like Winnipeg's Buck Pierce and that he is no push over and almost pulled it off in the last minute I was glad to see the Argos hang on for the win. It must have felt real sweet! Hope the team puts a long string of wins together this season. The fans deserve it!

Oh trust me...there's plenty!

Just passin on some props! Good job tonight, again another game down to the wire.. love the CFL =)