A great game, well done. Michael Bishop was amazing. Good luck next week in Montreal, good luck for us next week..... and hope we see you in Winnipeg! :thup:

Thank you!

I'm considering making the trip to Montreal!

Many congrats to Bishop on an outstanding save! Winnipeg played good but not good enough. Next week against the Al's will be something to watch for sure!!

...Congrats. to the Argos....more play-off experience definitely came through...Bombers played well....and when we get a qb. that can finish properly ..we will take the next step...Glenn really did play a good game...(did his usual Jekyl/Hyde routine....then, when it was all on the line, came up with his brain-cramp play...but all in all good win by the Argos... :thup:

PINBALL , did something really funny.

WINNIPEG punted the ball out of bounds , PINBALL caught it right at the side lines before the ARGO bench and started running towards WINNIPEG territory. He ran for about 30 yards along the out of bounds line.

I think Montreal will win the East Final

We will have to see?

The ARGOS want some revenge for last years EAST FINAL loss in TORONTO to MONTREAL , and for the loss in the last game of the 2006 season Vs. MONTREAL.

TONY MILES , will be back for the ARGOS!

Either way , today's game were just fantastic.