Congratulations Argos Fans

Considering the NFL hysteria by some in the Toronto media, as well as the CFL being declared dead and buried by the same bunch, it was great to see almost a sellout crowd at the Skydome yesterday.

Goes to show that the Toronto sports fan is alot smarter then their media. And also shows what little impact hacks like Dave Naylor, Stephen Brunt and DAve Feschuk have on the Tronto sports fan. Which is next to nothing.

I mean these guys have egg all over their faces now. Because they spent the whole week telling us how the CFL is finished and nobody cares anyways, yet there is 40,000 strong telling them where to stick it!

Congrats Argos fans!

I'm a huge Als fan but I must admit that it was nice to see such strong support for the Argos from their fans. I admit that I had a bit of a chuckle when I heard that just talk of the NFL in Toronto would hurt the CFL and then saw more than 40k at the game.

I just finished reading the two stories the Star had on yesterdays game. Feschuk's spin was negative of course. I was at the game and had a great time, sorry for your luck Feschuk. And it seemed to me that the fans doing the wave around the stadium seemed to be having a good time too. I guess we're not sophisticated enough to know we weren't suppose to have had fun yesterday.

No kidding, what a great crowd, the CFL is just fine in TO.

Both the Sun and Star had several stories, what a surprise.
However most concentrating on the game being a dud, which I am afraid to say it was.
Having said that, FanW I agree with you I was there and it was a blast.

Echoing congrats from my post in the Argo forum.

Toronto, Edmonton, and BC should make a 40k average their goal next year... Toronto has the team and coaches, if they can just get Bishop to make more accurate throws, Edmonton has the talent and just needs the coaching, and BC has, well, everything! 2008 could be huge for crowds if we have exciting football in BC Place, Commonwealth, and the Rogers Centre.

Toronto has demonstrated this year that the CFL is strong in Toronto. The fan base was patient and now that their team has recovered from injuries, the fans can celebrate as they did on the last game. They are, for sure, in the hunt for the Grey Cup. It would be great if the Argos win the cup on their home field!!!!

Congrats TO on the strong showing. It looks great on the tube to see so many fans in the stands. Lets hope for a strong finish league-wide to this year and even better attendance numbers next year.

That was a great showing by the best fans in the world CFL fans