Congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to Chris Bauman for being named the CFL Canadian Player of the Week, with Jesse Lumsden as runner-up.

Congratulations to Nick Setta for being runner-up for the CFL Special Teams Player of the Week.

FANTUZ WHO :smiley: :smiley:

Actually he was the one who won the award originally but he proceeded to drop it ... groan :roll:

  • paul

LMAO!! Well done.

Congrats Chris. Great job.

Oh Paul you're so funny! Don't we know a guy like that?

Anyways congrats Chris keep it up!

Funny stuff but why do we care about someone we did not draft?

O BTW Congrats Nick and Chris

Setta should be in line for some form of award. Without him, the cats would be scoreless most games.

Chris had a great game! Well deserved honours!

Setta was runner-up for special teams player of the week. So he was 2nd in line.