Congratulations Andy Fantuz

1000+ yards receiving - first time in 6 years

100+ catches - career high

Became 17th all-time in CFL career receptions last night with 631

Enjoys the enduring man-crush of ryan3434

Currently #10 in yards and #2 in receptions in 2016

40 catches in the past 4 games - picking up the pace for fallen comrades

A leading contender for CFL East Most Outstanding Canadian - if he can get past Ted Laurent

Count me in on "the man crush" :rockin: Nicely done Andy!

After this year you HAVE to consider bringing him back on a multi year deal

He's 32 years old. Three years max

Lmao....He is a beautiful human being..

Congrats to Clutch. Keep it up

So what if hes 32? Cahoon played till he retired, why not Fantuz? Future HOF and canadian talent. 3 years yeah, but to say thats it after that? If hes still playing well in his late 30s id love to have him in hamilton

I absolutely agree :thup: :thup: Andy has had a GREAT season and to this point has remained totally healthy. Just 2 more games to go to stay that way before the playoffs!

Can't find the article where I read it this morning, so can't post a link, but I'm pretty sure that with last night's performance, Andy Fantuz broke the Ticat record for number of catches in a season previously set by Darren Flutie, 98.

Andy's plays like he did years back. What the hell did he do over last winter. Don't tell me he worked very hard and got himself in incredible shape. Andy's a super star. :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

Would this be the one? It's on the Ticats site.


He's 32 , we need to lock this guy up for 3 more plus an option, Hamilton has a terrible record when it comes to being loyal and respectful to it's veterans

Big deal. He ain't no Ben Cahoon...

Yep, thanks!

I guess when your crappy team is out of the playoffs, you take comfort however you can get it. :smiley:

Just one more feather in his cap!

Congrats Andy on a 1000 yard plus season in receiving, lets keep the wheels in motion towards the playoffs and beyond!!


I was one of those questioning Andy's value after last season. Think about it - due to various injuries (some were flukes, but he had hamstring problems a few times) he played in barely 2/3 of the games during his tenure. There is absolutely no doubt that Andy's an elite competitor, he catches virtually every pass in his catching radius, most of the time over the middle taking HUGE hits, and is an amazing leader on this team.

From a business standpoint, IMHO, it was time to seriously think of playing this season without Andy. Nobody is more overjoyed than I that he proved me wrong.

I hate the way guys like EG: Dave Stala were treated but the excuse is that's the business end well do it with some class ?! Andy is on fire this year hope he retires a Ticat

Way to go Andy. F U N T U Z-TIC record. Yes bring him back for a few more years.