Congratulations, Als!

Excellent win! You put on a clinic in the first half, and held it together in the head to Toronto and play the same way.....Grey Cup bound, I hope! I am officially on the bandwagon.....

Go Als!

Thank you jm02. It must not be easy for a Riders fan to jump on the side of the team that eliminated them. I surely hope we'll get that train rolling all the way to BC.

Great game ALS. Make it to the Cup now.

If you're a regular on this forum, you'll know who I'm cheering for in the East Final.

Good job Als......good luck in TO.

A little late here, but congratulations on handing it to us last Sunday. Hopefully that loss will bring changes in the coaching staff, because we were clearly outcoached and outplayed. Calvillo was the real MVP this year, with all the 1000 yard receivers this year and losing some from last year.
Good Luck