Congratulations Als Fans!

45,000 fans in the big O. Great attendance by great fans! Come on Argos you can match that right! :lol: :lol:

Too bad Edmonton won :x

edmonton winning has to hurt the als playoff attendance, once again…

the als should start playing the Big O game in the summer instead, so if they get beat, the memory has faded come playoff time.

The game at Olympic Stadium is becoming a tradition of pathetic play. Last weekend loss against Edmonton was not nearly as ugly as the massacre Toronto laid on us last year, but it was just as embarrassing.

Where is my tiny and comfy stadium? :frowning:

It's "congratulations", not "congradulations". But yes, it was a great crowd.

Thanks for my glaring error!
I thought this was a forum not a spelling B!

Why dont the Als just play all their games in the big O? I know thats prolli a stupid Q, but i dont know why...

Because its a miserable place to watch a football game and the attendance would be terrible!

How many games would you like to watch like this?


actually its should be "spelling bee" not "spelling B" :stuck_out_tongue: . I wish I coudlve been at the game but to hear people talk about it better that I wasnt

Just curious how this attendance is reported by the Als at season's end. Do they say every game was sold-out using McGill Stadium as the only stadium used, or more precisely with the addition of this game, the attendance would be over 100 percent capacity? Or do some other type of reporting on this?

What they usually say when it comes to the streak of sold out games is "This is the 70th consecutive sold out game at Molson Percival Stadium." So that avoid the streak being snapped by playing a game in a 60 000 seats stadium.

But when the numbers get out for average attendance at the end of the year, they count all of the nine games.

So eight games at 20 200 + one game at 45 600 = an average attendance of 23 022 people per home game in 2006.

Maybe I should change the name of the thread! Just maybe you being an Als fan could careless! To funny!

Actually it should be "could've" not "coudlve".

My all these bright football fans! :lol:

When he turns around he looks like Arius! :lol:

Right kiss my arius! ha ha ha ha Sorry Arius had too!

Actually, it should be "too funny" rather than "to funny". With the way you said it, you are implying that funny is a verb. By substituting "to" with "too", funny will transform into an adjective, which would be correct. Don't you know the difference between to and too?

We need those extra seats at Molson Stadium NOW so we can stop playing at the giant pit of hell that is Olympic Stadium. The old Astroturf there is brutal, and we don't play there often enough to have any real home-turf advantage.

Yes outdoors in Montreal is the only way to go!

We should play right in the middle of the Ville-Marie highway. Opponents would be scared as hell. Now THAT would be a home field advantage...