Congratulation Saskatchewan

I give you guys full credit for the victory. It was fairly obvious in my eyes that you guys were more hungry then us.

Go down to BC and kick some ass!

Im now on your side.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Eskylo.....

Thanks.....just give me a couple days to get over
the loss.

We should let you borrow Hank, he likes to throw
to you guys. LOL

Im not sure why Burris chose today to have a bad game against us. Usually he is ready for games against the Riders. After the Stamps got the TD to make it 21-5, I thought it was game over. It goes to show that anything can happen in the CFL.

Could be the two weeks off, could be he's just not real confident right now.

Personally early into the second half i was saying we need to bring Danny Mac in. Im not sure if he could have got it done but it needed to be made.

Burris didnt have it today.

You know... either QB was making a case for lets yank the QB...Joseph will never be yanked, but I think Calgary should have put in Danny Mac in the Fourth...I mean for those of us who believe that a 2 QB system works and once again redeemed. (Hello Bishop)

....I'd like to echo Eskylo's sentiments and say that the Riders were clearly the better team today, even with the struggles in the first half to assemble some drives....your D played great and when KK finally found his groove he was pretty damned was an exciting game to watch.....

....I had mentioned some time ago that once the stamps were eliminated if you guys were still around I'd throw my support behind the Green and White....go riders, GC'06

Bye Bye Stamps. RedandWhite, it’s really too bad we couldn’t trash eachother for next week. Now, you have to trash-talk representing the Riders. Good luck to your ‘new team’, but I still predict a Lions win at home under the Dome.

classy good-byes by you Stampeder fans. It just was not your day today and that happens in football. Higgins is a good man and the Stamps will be competitive for many years to come. Both semis were great games which proves the CFL is better game!!!!!!! But, your downhill slide all started, Stampeder fans, when you denied Gainer entrance to the game!!!!!!! Watch out BC Gainer's a ' comin'!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide

You'll need a whole lot more than Gainer to beat BC. I hope the Riders bring earplugs, the Dome is gonna be LOUD on Sunday!

Yeah it was a good game for the riders. To be honest i'm not a big fan of Joseph but he hung in without any critical errors and let his team do the rest.

I'm not yet decided but i'm pretty sure that i'm going to cheer the Riders to the greycup! So good luck!

Obviously you are gonna predict that... Im predicitng a Rider win on the road. Paul McCallum will miss a field goal!

I think you'll need a whole lot more than a McCallum missed FG to win this one. I like our chances at home in front of a huge crowd. We earned the right to play there on Sunday, and I don't think they will dissapoint.

...sorry RLR, no trash talk from me, trying to turn a new leaf here...just backing the underdog....the riders seem to love to play the world against us card....should be a great game...

I agree. Should be a lot of fun. I have mixed emotions, because I did want Geroy to have another chance to show up Lewis and Copeland. However, the Riders earned the right to place us at BC Place next sunday.

I think the Riders will win... If DD plays, you know he is gonna get nailed by Jackie Mitchell. KK will have another great game. Riders win by 6!!!

For the newly converted Rider fans, the Jersey City in Chinook (upper level by the Sears) is apparently run by a guy from Regina, they typically have a lot more Rider gear than most stores..... although yesterday morning when we stopped in to get something for my wife to wear, they were almost out of pretty much everything green. :slight_smile: She's just a wee bit bigger than the youth medium bunnyhug they had left, and too small for the large jerseys they had....

hey hey hey…don’t get the wrong idea. No one is converting! I’m cheering for Sask for the rest of playoffs but i wouldn’t be caught dead in a green jersey!

Well arjoel... to quote Kermit the frog...."its not easy being green!" :lol: :lol:

Go Riders, you guys are without a doubt the best fans in the league to party with, would love to see a sea of green here in 2 weeks.