Congratulation Saskatchewan on a terrific first half season

Actually I'll met all you guys when you come to BC for the Western Final

We can talk trash on here all we want but I assure you Ive never taken anything on here too seriously. I am coming out there to see my sister if the west final is there. Shes in the Courtney/Comox area on the island. Im very familiar with Van as I have been there 10 or more times, I love it out there, who wouldnt!!!


Could you say that once more with 'in Regina' inserted so I can print it and frame it for when others request it and when you DO come?...bahahaha...just jokes


Pick up the banjo and grandma and ye all come out ya hear!

I'm thinking of coming out to Saskatchewan if the Lions somehow play the Riders on the road in the playoffs. Arius, can I stay with you? :wink:


I actually do want to go to a game in Regina one day.

No, seriously, if we end up playing Sask. in Sask. I'd consider going.

And a question for all y'all in Sask. right now: my friend is in Regina right now and says that there are no stop lights on the main road. Is this true?

Yep. And our roads arent paved, we have no running water. We dont have schools....

I still don't have an answer

Depends what you would consider the "main road". Ring road doesn't have any lights, but it's more of a freeway.

Pretty much like corner gas!

Doesn't BC4L realize they film Corner Gas in downtown Regina?
We had to pave a parking lot just to upgrade the set because no one would believe how truly backwards we are in Saskatchewan....

Street lights!! hummph.
When 2 buggies meet at an intersection, if there is doubt as to who has the right away, we just get down, and chew on a piece of straw, and discuss the situation...
After all--there is nothing else to do between games....

I heard yall just got that perfume for your arm pits... :lol:

Dont forget about what we did with the $ generated with Corner gas so far! We got a bigger water tower!

Okay Group89 come clean now what do you think those chances are? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Your next jman come on say it! What are the chances son? I smell a slide happening in green town. By the way the ppaddy wagon was full today with greenies. A nights free room and board. Not only that they will be leave some more of that cash. At this rate you will pay for the improvements to McMahon stadium. The stamps are what 1 point out of first place right now.

A slide would be losing quite a few of the next games right? I dont see that happening. I really do not. I will say this though, and Im suprised nobody else has said this:

Matt Dominguez and Eddie Davis are without a doubt the offensive and defensive leaders of this team. Im pretty sure most Rider fans would agree with this. Both of them are obviously injured. Im thinking that may have played a fairly big role in today's loss, and until one of them is back, or until somebody steps up and becomes a big team leader things may not run as smoothly as they were earlier in the year. Im not saying they arent going to win games, because they will, but maybe by not as well as they otherwise would have. It's not time to panic either. Some people are though... Theres already a "Should We Start Marcus Crandell Next Game?" thread...

Calgary played a great game and Henry Burris was on his "A" game today. Nice win.

And congrats on the free money.

Now Jman please tell me and for RLR sake are you going to use the gulp injury card here. The slide has began and you better hope it stops. The riders looked comfortable at losing today.

No Im not saying it was just injuries, because thats lame. Im saying to me, the unquestioned leaders werent on the field. That makes a big difference, imo.

Why were they not on the field? I mean Joseph was there is he not a leader? :lol: So who are the leaders that are not on the field and why?