Congratulation Saskatchewan on a terrific first half season

now prepare yourself for the beginning of a second half

Write it down!


Ummm where? In my Daytimer, your sister's diary or on the elastic band of your 19 year-old pair of gotch? :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds like a prediction by eskylo that has a 5% chance of being true.

I give it less than that.

Eskylo I am saving these two turkeys comments for tomorrow night! I might be serving up jman and group89!

Sounds like RW2005 is bringing out a box with a bird species on it.....hmmmm, that wouldn't be for a friend in Saskatchewan would it? :wink: :wink:

AH yes the bird of Saskatchewan the ole Crow!

Whatever happens, it'll be a good offensive game!

We will see!

In all seriousness, Im hoping for a good game.

As a Lions fan, do I want the Riders to win so that they keep Calgary further back, or do I want Calgary to win so we could potentially sneak into first place this weekend?

I’m torn. Go Lions.

Good post RLR.

Agreed. The slide will not happen. We will see who will be eating the bird that annoys the hell out of me (crow) '05. :lol: But it will be close, not like the 48-8 final last time.

Be prepared to be humbled with your smack. I will not let you go down easily.

Dont worry! We all know the Riders will win!

Come on man. I may be a little biased, but I know you want the Riders to win! Gotta at least try to guarantee yourslef a home playoff game…

Henry clearly has a deficiency when it comes to playing his old team. Too many familiar faces I think. No predictions here anymore. Just gonna watch and enjoy. Try it sometime boys, and for gosh sake, go play some poker or something!:slight_smile:


(hypothetically) If RLR and I went to a BC/Sask. game in Sask., who'd come and meet us in person?

I would. Hell, you could stay with me to make it cheaper and I'd take you on a sightseeing tour to the Clermont family home! I have no doubt that being avid CFL fans bonds us rather than seperates us. Come on out boys, it'd be a blast!!!


Hahaha I actually do want to go to a game one day